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'I have the best of the brands and the best of the films'

Anusha Subramanian | Print Edition: Dec 25, 2011

Unpretentious, vibrant, Kareena Kapoor, granddaughter of the legendary Raj Kapoor, has built her own reputation in Hindi cinema. She spoke to Anusha Subramanian on the sets of Madhur Bhandarkar's film Heroine. Edited excerpts:

Does the success you have had lately put pressure on you? Do people expect more from you now?
Obviously there is lot of pressure because everybody expects all my movies to gross Rs 100 crore-plus. But honestly every film cannot do that. 3 idiots was made for about Rs 25 crore and went on to do very good business that was never initially expected. Ra.One and Bodyguard were big budget films. They were made and marketed in a way that would bring in huge box office revenues. That does not mean I'm going to pressure my directors or producers, saying this is what is expected of me so let's plan the film in a way that we can make big monies. I would just like to do films where I enjoy my work.

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After your run of successes, are you being bombarded with offers for brand endorsements?
Yes, lots of brands have approached me but I am choosy as I have to believe in what I endorse. I like to endorse brands that suit my personality. I know what I want and have lived my life exactly the way I wanted to, which is very different from an actor's life. So far I have been lucky with the brands I endorse because the companies have been very loyal to me.

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Give us an example of a brand that goes well with your personality.

Sony Vaio is the example I would cite. Sony Vaio has done a lot for me as well. I can say that I am the only actress who is endorsing a brand like Sony internationally. The size zero laptop which Sony launched after me became a topic of discussion nationally. Today, even the parliamentarians know what size zero is. All this helped the brand as well as me.

What are the three things you consider before endorsing a brand?
It should be something I have not done before, it should match my personality. Lastly, of course the money should be good. But I will not endorse alcohol brands and anything that is a non-vegetarian food brand since I am a vegetarian.

What kind of films do you like watching?
I mostly watch English movies. I like watching Meryl Streep's work like The Bridges of Madison County. I, of course, liked The Godfather.

How do you see your career right now?
I think I am at a stage where I have the best of the brands and the best of the films. And this is clearly because of the way I carry myself and the fact that I give my 100 per cent to whatever I am doing.

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