Women's Empowerment Principles Annual Event to be held on March 15-16 in New York.

More power to women

WHAT: Women's Empowerment Principles Annual Event

WHEN: March 15-16, New York

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The United Nations event commemorates International Women's Day. Global participants will be deliberating on how various companies implement Women's Empowerment Principles. The event will be a congregation of business leaders, female entrepreneurs, civil society representatives, governments and the United Nations.

Time for amendment

WHAT: CII Coffee Table series on Companies Act, 2013, and the Report of the Companies Law Committee

WHEN: March 10, 11, 15 and 19 in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The new Companies Act is set for an overhaul in less than three years since its implementation. This calls for new strategies towards compliance and adherence to the new law. The four orientation sessions are meant to discuss the technical aspects of the imminent overhaul of the Companies Act 2013, through the report of the Companies Law Committee 2016.

Paving the way for skill development

WHAT: Summit on Skilling India

WHEN: March 15, New Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The Assocham event-cum-awards brings together national and international leaders, policy makers from Central and state governments, and representatives from ministries. The summit will discuss the challenges in skill development, emerging financing models as well as international system of vocational education and global best practices in skill development.

Tapping the emerging markets

WHAT: Village Buddha Module on 'Holistic Emerging Market Development'

WHEN: March 9-13, Bangalore

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The initiative is piloted by CII's integrated programme to engage communities and enhance their capability to develop new businesses and services for markets in rural India. The programme aims to navigate entrepreneurial ideas for income generation, facilitating productive engagement with rural communities and creating an ecosystem of stakeholders in rural India.

Harnessing technology for efficiency

WHAT: Plant Maintenance Summit

WHEN: March 10-11, Hyderabad

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The two-day technical meet will discuss modern trends and technological advancements in machinery health management techniques. It is aimed at bringing together Indian manufacturers and machine suppliers to achieve maximum reliability, availability and safety through optimum utilisation of machinery for maximum productivity.


WHAT: 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves

WHEN: March 14-17, Lima, Peru

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The meeting will discuss lessons from the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and new challenges on the anvil. It will also launch an Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves for 2016/2025. Participants include National Committees of UNESCO's 'Man and the Biosphere' programme and experts implementing biosphere reserves; representatives of governments, local communities, UN agencies, NGOs and academic institutions from across the world.