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India is vital for us: William E. Mccracken

India is vital for us: William E. Mccracken

William E. Mccracken, CEO, CA Technologies, was in India recently.He interacts with BT'S Kushan Mitra.

William E. Mccracken, CEO, CA Technologies, was in India recently. Formerly known as Computer Associates, and the first software company to cross the billion-dollar sales figure, CA Technologies has undergone transformtion since its former Chairman was caught up in an insider-trading imbroglio a few years ago. The company has made India its largest technology-delivery centre. Excerpts from an interaction with BT'S Kushan Mitra.

This company today is completely different in terms of its structure than before. I believe we have successfully dealt with the issues of the past. I do not believe anybody really offers the extensive suite of products that we do and our products help a host of different products from a variety of vendors work seamlessly. "We make it all work" is what we say to customers. We work closely with the top system integrators in India; we do compete with them, and I believe that gives us a major advantage.

We intend to find attractive companies to buy in the software space and have even kept a sum of money aside to make good acquisitions in the technology space. I feel that there are some very attractive buys in technology, but we have not finalised any purchase decisions as yet.

We just opened a new technology centre in Hyderabad to cater to our expanding headcount in India, which currently numbers 1,600 and which, I hope, will expand to 2,500 in the next few years. More importantly, while India does provide us brilliant engineers, this visit also gives me a chance to interact with our customers. India is one of our fastest-growing markets and as we try to get more sales from regions other than North America, India will play a growing role.