Review: LG Pocket Printer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and The Right Note app

Review: LG Pocket Printer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and The Right Note app

A digital secretary, a wallet-size printer, and the latest galaxy offering.

LG Pocket Printer LG Pocket Printer
A Printer in Your Pocket
LG Pocket Printer

Price: Rs 14,999
+ve: Very portable, easy to use
-ve: High cost per print

The LG Pocket Printer weighs 212 gram and will fit easily in your pocket. Much like a modern smartphone it has a minimal number of buttons. It charges quickly through a USB port and a single charge is good enough to last across a 10-sheet cartridge of photo paper. Android and iOS smartphones can connect to the printer using the LG Pocket Photo app, which is good for some Instagram-like editing as well. The printer uses Zink, or zero-ink, technology and does not have cartridges. For it to work, you need to add a blue sheet (supplied with the paper) under the photo paper. The printer has a resolution of 313 dpi and the 50x76 mm prints are surprisingly good.

-Nandagopal Rajan

Little that's New
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Price: Rs 25,725
+ve: Performance, grip
-ve: Plasticky

The latest in the Galaxy tablet series from Samsung has an eight-inch screen, the same as the Galaxy Note 8. Tab 3 continues with the same old Samsung smartphone design and the usual plastic back. It actually looks like an enlarged Galaxy Mega 5.8. Still, at 7.4 mm thickness and weighing 324 gram, it looks sleek and is comfortable to hold. The 1280x800p resolution is slightly low given the cost of the device, and the multimedia experience is about average. Tab 3 runs on Android v4.2 and comes with Samsung Touch Wiz user interface. It is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and paired with a 1.5 GB of RAM, making it a decent performer. Features such as multi-window mode for viewing video along with simultaneous checking of email, plus the personal assistant S-Voice, are also part of this tablet. It has a 5 MP rear camera, so images are just average. It comes with 16 GB internal storage.

Nidhi Singal

The Right Note
Cost: $4.99; iOS

SoundNote is for those who have to take notes at meetings and write them up to keep a record. The app lets you create a new file to type while initiating an audio record of the meeting's proceedings. Evernote can do this too, but this app goes further, as it can give you the playback of what was being said when you were typing a particular sentence. So you don't need to skim through an entire file to get to a specific topic. Just touch the text. Plus, you can also scribble on the sides of the notes.