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Team Building

Over 150 interventions that addressed specific employee needs were critical in keeping morale high
Rukmini Rao | Print Edition: April 4, 2021
Team Building
Richard Lobo, Executive Vice president and Head HR, Infosys India

Like its peers, the pandemic put to test Infosys' ability to help clients cope with the Covid-19 outbreak while continuing to deliver. It managed to close not just a number of big deals, but also turned the work-from-home (WFH) model into an effective one, with 97 per cent of its workforce not having stepped inside the office in over a year now.

Richard Lobo, Executive Vice president and Head HR, says the secret to making hybrid teams work together is to make everyone on the team feel included. With better communication, use of technology as well as change in team and manager behaviours, the company overcame the challenges of employees not being in the same physical space.

More than 150 interventions tailor-made to address specific needs of employees and initiatives such as 'The Infy Ikigai' - your reason to be - an initiative to help teams stay resilient; Ramping Up Samaritans - a peer-to-peer counseling network of Infoscions, were all instrumental in keeping the morale high.

Though its overall performance system remained unchanged even during remote working, the company now has more number of data points that go into measuring effectiveness and allow micro-course corrections when needed, says Lobo.

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