"We're here because others trusted us. Give the team the liberty to work independently and learn from mistakes."

Q. The biggest challenge you faced in your career

A. Increasing our footprint and building a culture of customer centricity could be both challenging and satisfying. It all started with setting a clear vision and strategy for the company when I took charge in 2016. The challenges we face in modern wholesale business is very different from retail or omnichannel, and the digital technology creates an added layer of complexity. But thanks to our talented team and business resilience, we have driven growth through processes, products and people.

Q. Your best teacher in business

A. I worked closely with Marico founder Harsh Mariwala who reinvented himself as an entrepreneur and turned his venture into a multiproduct, multigeography company. His journey has inspired many of us.

Q. One management lesson for young people

A. Follow your heart and stay focussed on achieving your dreams. Excellence in execution makes the crucial difference between success and failure. But you must maintain a balance between brilliance and your moral compass as it will help you make the right decisions and walk away from the wrong ones.

Q. Three essential qualities a leader must have

A. Head, heart and guts. Head because leaders must think and plan to realise a company's vision. Heart because they need EQ to connect with people. Guts because they need to take risks and act like an entrepreneur/owner. Finally, we are here because others trusted us. So, give the team the liberty to work independently and learn from their mistakes.