Leadership Spotlight
Leadership Spotlight

Introduced return of mortality charges for a ULIP this year, a first in the industry; the scheme clocked Rs 146 crore annualised premium, pushing the company to the top in online ULIP category.

"There is no better teacher than the market itself."
"I consider challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and reinvent."
"Two things are essential for success. One is passion, which drives us to heroic acts, and the other is innovation, which gives us an identity."
"Move laterally early in your career..getting a breadth of experience will get you more opportunities."
"Taking risks need not be blind bets in a casino; it is more about following your gut with self-belief and inner security."
"A leader's success is directly proportional to his or her level of involvement"
"We're here because others trusted us. Give the team the liberty to work independently and learn from mistakes."
"The biggest teacher is your experience, what you gain when you get out of your comfort zone and teach yourself how to survive"
"A leader should inspire people to dream and create the right environment for them to grow and evolve"

Under his leadership, Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare combines IT with healthcare services to manage 300 remote health centres in India.

"There has to be a method to the madness. So, make sure that you understand the job assigned to you. You must have a clear view of the big picture..."
"The determination to challenge a paradigm is crucial. It has helped us create a benchmark for the aviation industry."
"Understand the why..and the work becomes amazingly enjoyable."
"Our experiences shape us and make us, and they have a profound effect on our world view as leaders."
"Every challenge presents an opportunity. How you respond and what you learn from it will define your path to progress."
"Work hard and never give up. That is the way to realise your vision. Self-initiative is the key to make changes happen."

"Put purpose ahead of profits. Go after a bigger cause; it provides the energy and motivation to succeed"

Ameera Shah said, "Self understanding is the deciding factor between good and great leadership"