Grooming kit that helps in battling the chill

Grooming kit that helps in battling the chill

Flaky, itchy and dry, that's what Crabtree and Evelyn makes sure you won't feel like this winter. Here's a grooming kit that helps you battle the chill.

After Shave Balm
While after shave lotions might do the trick in summer, your skin needs a little more help in dry weather. A slight dab of after shave balm tackles skin eruptions and leaves the skin restored. Try Ginger, citron and green bamboo.

Goat Milk Soap
Ever since Cleopatra's time, goat milk has been a popular indulgence. A warm water shower with a triple-milled goat milk soap bar lends you milk protein moisturising that is much desired.

Jojoba Bath and Massage Oil
An oil massage isn't a luxury, it's a necessity (think your car's engine). The finest moisturising oil is golden jojoba which is obtained from the first pressing of the oil rich seed. Massage over muscles or pour a capful into the tub and soak for 20 minutes. It helps ease muscle knots, stiffness and leaves behind a citrusy aroma.

Bath Salts
The next best thing to floating in the Dead Sea, bath salts boast of nourishing tropical oils and seawead extracts that soothe. Give your hands and feet some sea salt exposure at least once a week.