Here Art Thou

Art is as much about style as it is about expression. You can't go wrong with these five masters

Tyeb Mehta was among the first prominent post-Independence artists. His work broke away from the nationalist Bengal School of art and embraced modernism, and was hailed for his post-impressionist sense of colour. WHY Trussed Bull, 1994 sold for Rs 11.5 lakh in 2001 but has appreciated by 1,967 percent in the past five years.

Akbar Padamsee is known for his use of plastic emulsions, lithography and modern computer graphics to invert reality as we usually tend to see it. WHY An untitled painting by him was auctioned for a whopping $1,426,500 (Rs 7.81 cr) at Sotheby's in March, 2011.

Jehangir Sabavala ties up light, colour, texture and medium. Some love him for his Parisian Cubism, that harkens back to Picasso, while others revere his graphic panoramic genius. WHY Vespers I, which was estimated to sell for approximately »100,000 (`88.7 lakh) was finally bought for twice that estimate at Bonham's last June.

S H Raza broke free from European realism and focussed on Indian inner vision, by emphasising on the bindu or centre point. WHY He became the priciest modern artist in the world when his seminal work Saurashtra went for $3,486,965 (Rs 16.42 cr) at a Christie's auction, in June 2010.

K H Ara is amongst India's first modern artists to have played on the aesthetic nuances of the female nude. These are said to have influences of French post impressionists Czanne and Matisse. WHY His market worth has gone up from Rs 5.46 lakh in 2011 to Rs 68.62 lakh in 2012.