Most luxurious cars in the world

Most luxurious cars in the world

Your car is an extension of yourself. Transform it with these luxury personalisation services from the world's top auto makers that elevate your wheels from great to wow.

Lamborghini's Ad Personam program is available on its entire range. Lamborghini's Ad Personam program is available on its entire range.

The Phaeton is a very underrated luxury car. Consider this:it can drive all day at 300 kmph with an outside temperature of 50 »C, andinsides at 22 »C. Crafted entirely by hand, owners can choose exterior andinterior colours with the customisation "limited only by a client's fantasy andfinances". Some pick drop-down LCD screens, a cigar humidor or even fridges. Ifyou want real personalisation, VW will even invite you to its 'TransparentFactory' in Dresdento install your own steering wheel and driver's seat.

Ferrari's 'One-to-One' service will modify everything exceptfeatures that affect a car's performance or safety. On the outside you canchoose body colours, double-or triple-coat paintwork, and carbon-fibre insertsand trims. On the inside, choose upholstery colours, materials for your seatsand dashboard, stitch patterns and even custom engravings on the dedicationplaque. Want to go further? Some customers ask for luggage sets to match theinteriors, while one asked everyone who built his car to sign their names underthe bonnet.

Lamborghini's Ad Personam program is available on its entirerange. Customers start with either pre-designed equipment packages such as theleather or carbon packages or specify their own designs. The only limits aresafety. Many ask Lamborghini to match their own colour samples. One Gallardoowner even requested matching colours inside and out, while another hadLamborghini match the exteriors of his home. The possibilities are literallyendless... just dare to dream.

Bentley's Mulliner service employs 120 people at Bentley'sHQ in Crewe, England. Start with a simpleall-wood gear knob and go all the way to armour plating, drop down LCD screens,bottle coolers, electric rear blinds, folding wood tables and even mobileoffice equipment. Customers can make one-off requests, however outlandish oneshave been declined to protect the brand's reputation. Bentley encourages itsMulliner clients to visit Crewe and interactdirectly with the build team.