Good hair day

Dr Batra has homeopathic treatments for everything from constipation to baldness.

You may be tempted to accuse Mukesh Batra of suffering from delusions of grandeur when he declares: "Ours is a movement akin to Amul or Lijjat." However, more than scale, Batra's point is his chain could do for homeopathy what a cooperative movement like Amul did for milk distribution. "Before we came on the scene homeopathy was a cottage industry," adds Batra.


Dr Mukesh Batra
Founder, Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic
Vision: To touch the lives of a crore people with homeopathy by 2020
Challenge: To change the perception that the homeopathic system is a quack's alternative to allopathy
He has done well so far on the brand-building front. The network today consists of some 67 clinics across India, along with a presence in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

If homeopathy is king for Batra, so is cash. He insists on upfront payments by patients, which allows his clinics to break even in two and a half months at the operational level. In return, the patients get a one-year appointment calendar, regular follow-ups and monitoring. Batra now plans to expand to 150 clinics by the end of financial year 2012. By 2020, he hopes to touch one crore people. That may seem ambitious considering that the cumulative registrations at the Batra clinics are just around 5.6 lakh currently.

For the man whose clinics provide treatment options for diseases from constipation to sexual dysfunction, the Amul ambition perhaps is no delusion after all.