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Tech on Four Wheels

Tech on Four Wheels

Here are some of the must-have accessories and tech hacks while driving on the road.

JSB HF23 Back & Neck Massager

Forget the discomforts of driving by investing in this car massager. JSB HF23 has two kneading neck massage heads and four kneading infrared massage heads to ease backaches and cervical aches. It claims to improve blood circulation and relieve stress. It comes with a full-function remote control that can be used to adjust the settings of the massager and customise it. The highlight of this massager is its four massage section modes - upper, middle, lower and full back. If you are tired after a long drive, a five-to-ten-minute massage can help you de-stress.Price: Rs 8,900

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Nap Zapper

This is a life saver for late-night drivers. If you tend to fall asleep when at the wheel, get your hands on this compact gadget (approximately the size of a hearing aid). Nap Zapper, when worn in the right ear, delivers a high-pitch alarm whenever the driver dozes off. This is an anti-drowsiness alarm that gets activated when the driver's head tilts below a preset angle (which is usually 30 degrees), to alert the driver. The head angle can be adjusted. The device weighs 16 gm and is priced at Rs 299.

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Travelling in the car with the windows rolled up does not fully protect you from the pollution outside. Investing in a car air purifier can be a good idea. Honeywells Move has a compound filter (active carbon + HEPA) that can remove VOC (volatile organic compounds), cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, odours and PM2.5 particles. It is easy to use - all you need to do is plug the purifier into a standard 12-volt socket. It has a flexible connecting cable so you can place the purifier on the dashboard or the rear parcel tray. This purifier can clean air at the delivery rate (CADR) of 12 cubic metres per hour. Price: Rs 6,700

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Turn your smartphone into a smart gadget

If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can insert a memory card into it and use it as a dashboard camera through the phone's camera app. Just mount it on a holder, plug in the car charge and it's ready. There's no need to invest in a navigation device either. Connect your old smartphone to the Internet by creating a hotspot on your existing smartphone, and use Google Maps for navigation and real-time traffic updates.

MapmyIndia Drive Mate

This next-generation connected plug-and-play GPS tracking device can offer real-time monitoring of your car. When connected to the car's OBD (on-board diagnostics) port, the device will alert you about missing service dates, insurance renewals and provide the location of your car directly on the smartphone app. This is a subscription-based service, which comprises app service and SIM charges worth Rs 2,400 for the first year, including in the purchase cost.

Price: Rs 9,990


Dashboard Camera

If you are a cautious driver, this device will be your alibi. These dash cam driving recorders sit on the car's dashboard and record whatever is happening on the road - useful in case you get into an accident. Most of them capture 720p or higher resolution videos with sound. The internal storage is limited, but can be expanded. While you can get one for as low as Rs 800 on e-commerce portals, the cost can go up to a few thousands depending upon the brand and features. For example, the Blaupunkt DVR20 surveillance camera that has a 10-inch display, retailing at Rs 4,200, is capable of surveillance through motion detection when away from the vehicle.

Puncture Repair Kit with Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Pump

This essential kit comes handy to maintain tyre pressure and also repair punctures. The electric car tyre air pump compressor along with the tyre puncture kit is a saviour, especially for long-distance drives. The Coido 6081 Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit comprises a rasper tool, a needle tool, a pair of pliers, and five rubber strips for repairing. Using the other tools along with the rubber strips, one can repair punctures or any other fault in tyres. The Coido 6312D car tyre inflator and air compressor has a pressure gauge control with on-off switch, and a motor that can pump air. The digital pressure indicator helps track the pressure systems, and cuts the power automatically on reaching the set pressure. The machine can be powered using a car charger. Price: Rs 1,099 + Rs 2,999