Obamas crack team

Obamas crack team

Barack Obama has announced his core team. Here’s a look at who’s who.

Adversary to ally

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, 61
The former first lady will be the new face of US diplomacy. Though not in-charge of an economic ministry, her stance will influence WTO negotiations and outsourcing.
India connect: She has strong ties with both India and Indian Americans. Reassuring and Competent

Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, 47
The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has an enormous task ahead of him as the details of the $700-billion bailout package get inked. He knows all about financial crises as he was part of the negotiations, which involved the Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan.
India connect: He is believed to have lived in India in his early life. Brilliant and Outspoken

Lawrence Summers, Director, White House National Economic Council, 53
The former Treasury Secretary is expected to be the chief economic advisor to the Obama administration. Summers is known for his pragmatism.
India connect: Only a visit to the country as Harvard University President. Legendary and Stable

Paul Volcker, Head, President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, 81
The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve was behind the decision to raise interest rates in order to tame inflation in the 1970s.
India connect: A committee headed by Volcker named K. Natwar Singh
as a beneficiary of Iraqi oil sales.