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What is it? This is the new “Deluxe” edition of Amazon’s e-book reader, the Kindle.

Adobe has devised a system by which you can check out your favourite online content while watching TV.
US Bureau of Labor Statistics data reveals that unemployment among Asians in the US has doubled in the last four months.

What is it? A company called CPP is offering a service to store all your credit card details.

What is it? #Mumbai was what users who posted updates on the site Twitter had to put as the tag line when updating information about the Mumbai attacks.
What is it? BPO Sutra, a social and professional networking site purely for the fast-growing BPO industry.
Know about this new service from HP which allows anyone and everyone to print their very own magazine. Even if they want a single copy!
Gold prices can cross its all-time high if fears of the financial meltdown get worse.

What is the noise all about?
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to control user edits on the hitherto open online encyclopaedia.
What is it all about?
You will be able to drop off your old mobile phone and accessories at a recycling bin set up by Nokia.
Barack Obama has announced his core team. Here’s a look at who’s who.
What? One of the world’s largest international airport plans to relocate onto a tidal estuary to the east of London.