Numbers of note

40 per cent: The proportion of consumer goods bought in the US imported from China. To know more interesting numbers read on.

40 per cent: The proportion of consumer goods bought in the US imported from China

2,600: The number of commercial pilots India currently has; this includes 600 foreign ones. There is now a shortage of 300 pilots

$3.05 billion (Rs 12,505 crore): The revenue generated by India's KPO industry in 2006-07, compared to $260 million (Rs 1,222 crore then) in 2000-01

$1,060 (Rs 43,460): Amount an Indian airport charges for handling an Airbus A320 aircraft for a three-hour turnaround flight. Kuala Lumpur airport charges $203 (Rs 8,323) for the same aircraft

$21 trillion (Rs 861 lakh crore): Total revenue of Fortune 500 companies in 2006

Rs 2,541.32: Chennai's per capita FMCG spending in 2006-07 compared to New Delhi's Rs 2,068.82, according to Indicus Analytics

Rs 16,000 crore: The amount Reliance Communications will spend on network expansion in 2007-08

$3.2 billion (Rs 13,120 crore): The amount invested by PE firms in 76 Indian companies during the April-June 2007 quarter. In the corresponding period last year (2006), the amount invested by PE firms in 67 deals totalled $1.9 billion (Rs 7,790 crore)

66: The number of new FIIs who have set up shop in India so far this year

$3.8 billion (Rs 15,580 crore): Loans sanctioned to India by the World Bank in 2006-07; in the previous financial year it lent $1.4 billion (Rs 5,740 crore) to India

Rs 7,169.5 crore: Value of the net purchase of equities by FIIs in June 2007

$200,000 (Rs 82 lakh): The amount Google spent to be the lead sponsor of the four-day-long reunion of 3,500 alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology at Santa Clara, California, in the first week of July