Dramz whiskey bar, located near Qutub Minar is a whiskey lover's dream

Dramz is highly recommended for the great bar food, fine ambience and rich whiskies.

Dramz whiskey bar Dramz whiskey bar

A whiskey bar outside of a five-star hotel? You wonder if it will work, given how uppity Delhi is about its single malts.

The Dramz whiskey bar, on the stretch close to the Qutub Minar, is quite unexpected.

Plush sofas, comfortable leather armchairs, dark wood panelling, low lighting and a wall full of every imaginable whiskey.

It truly is a whiskey lover's dream.

Dramz whiskey bar terrace
Sprawled over three levels (including a basement for wine tastings and a terrace that works well for private parties) the bar is a great place to spend a winter evening, unwinding after a rough day at work.

I am no whiskey drinker but the bar food menu kept me busy. Begin with the chicken envelops (that's how it is spelt on their menu) which are truly fantastic.

Roasted vegetables in Filo Pastry
The pastry is flaky and fresh and the filling delicate.

Move onto the pulled lamb with pan toasted bread. The lamb is well seasoned but the toasted bread is a bit dull.

The other highly recommended section on their menu comprises the soups.

Well thought of, the coconut and lentil soup was average but both the herb infused chicken tea (innovative and delicious) and the tomato and corn broth with potato and garlic mousse was another happy surprise.

Grilled Scrampi
Before you start thinking that this bar is all about the food, be rest assured their whiskey menu is well planned.

Try the Oban (14 years) which is a highland whiskey that has a smooth sweetness and oaky tasting notes.

The menu is extensive, traversing the entire range of Scotland. They also have a fine range of Japanese whiskeys that are quite remarkable. Not in the mood for whiskey?

There are a range of top end vodkas and other spirits on offer and the bar can whip up a mean cocktail as well.

Dramz is highly recommended for the great bar food, fine ambience and rich whiskies.

BT More recommends

Chicken envelops
Herb infused chicken tea

Meal for two

Rs 4000 per couple (exclusive of taxes)