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Restaurant review: Megu in New Delhi

Restaurant review: Megu in New Delhi

Challenging the 'too expensive' notion, Megu has now introduced an almost brand new menu and has sushi options that begin at fairly competitive prices.

Sorbets and ice creams Sorbets and ice creams

Megu always has a feel-good vibe about it. The moment you enter its gilt-edged doors, you are transported to a world where you are treated to the flavours of Japan at its best.

When it launched three years ago, the food was stellar, but over a period of time it acquired the reputation of being too pricey (best only for really special occasions) and fewer people headed here for a meal.

Challenging the 'too expensive' notion, Megu has now introduced an almost brand new menu and has sushi options that begin at fairly competitive prices.

Enoki Tempura Roll
Their set lunch menu is also affordable (Rs 1500 plus taxes for a three course meal) and you end up spending as much as you would at a standalone Japanese restaurant, with far superior food on your plate.

With its 50 per cent new menu, Megu reinvents the Japanese game and also invited vegetarians into its fold with a range of excellent green options that are delicious and inventive.

Begin your meal with the delicate yellowtail carpaccio which is fresh, delicately flavoured and beautifully presented. The slivers of ginger that accompany the fish add a warmth and richness to the dish.  The tuna tartare is equally delicious and sets the mood for the meal to follow. If you are here for the sushi or sashimi, try the Norway salmon rolls with cream cheese that nudges your memory and evokes the nostalgia associated with bagels and New York.

Sakana pepper roll
Creamy, moist and served with a Japanese mayonnaise, this is a must-try. The spicy ebi cracker rolls with their element of crunch and bagfuls of flavour are also recommended as is the sashimi which tastes of the sea. The scallops wrapped in bacon come two to a skewer that is smoked over charcoal on your table.

The warm smokiness of the dish is not marred by over marination. In fact, this is one of the cleanest flavour profiles I have ever seen, sans the trappings of over-seasoned dishes.

Vegetarians must try the crispy asparagus which is coated with rice crips and give the dish a dash of oomph and sexiness. The Shira Ae (spinach, tofu and sesame) is a bit dense and heavy but the flavours are bang on, with a hint of sweetness accompanying the muskiness of the spinach and the silken tofu and sesame.

Move onto the lamb chops for mains which are exported from New Zealand and taste like meat should. Or the grilled sea bass which is lightly tossed in a teriyaki sauce that enhances its fleshy flavours. The reason why Megu is revered amongst Japanese cuisine lovers is apparent. The ingredients are respected here and only the best find their way to your plate.

Anyone who understands Japanese food with tell you that the difference between an average and a fantastic meal lies in the quality of ingredients, which is this case is flown in twice a week from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

The restaurant manager, Atul Tiwari, is a mine of information and can talk informatively on everything, from the crockery and where it comes from, to the journey the ingredients make, even the condiments and sauces uses to prepare the dishes.

Salmon steak with tomato miso
The new menu at Megu is attractive, not least because it tries to shake up the food order and bring you dishes that are novel and innovative, using seemingly simple ingredients.

End your meal with signature sorbets (berry, mango and strawberry were the best) being served as part of the hotel's summer promotion, at their coffee shop, The Qube.

Head here for a zen food experience where you come away feeling that incredible lightness of being.

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Norway salmon roll
Yellowtail carpaccio

Meal for two

Dinner-Rs 6000 plus taxes

Lunch (set meal)-Rs 1500 plus taxes
Reservations +91 11 3933 1360

Published on: Jun 17, 2015, 4:15 PM IST
Posted by: Swati Verma, Jun 17, 2015, 4:15 PM IST