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7 things to watch out while using a credit card

Credit card can be a beneficial financial tool, if used carefully. If not, it can turn into a menace for your finances.

Now with increasing instances of hacking, there is a fear your data may be misused or sold. It's in such instances that virtual cards come in handy.
Invest in the scheme before 10th of every month, as the amount deposited after the 10th will not earn any interest.

Dormant accounts are vulnerable to fraud, close them if you don't need them, or get them reactivated

Using multiple credit cards is not a bad idea. But you should know how to manage them
One wrong transaction can make you run from pillar to post.

The changes in interest rates on small savings schemes,and what they signify for your investment portfolio.

A new lending rate methodology enables banks pass benefit instantly to borrowers.
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