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Companies that Changed India

In most instances, this dozen transformed not only themselves, but also the larger universe around them.

Genpact is today a $1.5 billion business but GE's bigger contribution is India's $6 billion BPO industry.
ICICI changed the Indian banking system with aggression in marketing, competitive pricing and doses of innovations.
Kishore Biyani's Big Bazaar unveiled the power of organised retail in India, and that too without any foreign partner.
In the mid-1990s, customer service levels were set by monopoly providers such as Indian Airlines or public sector banks. In such a market, Jet Airways redefined it.
The $450-million acquisition of Tetley in the UK in February 2000 by Tata Tea indeed set the stage for buyouts by Indian companies.
Besides introducing the taste of coffee to traditional tea belts, what the marquee chain quietly ushered in is a wave of cafe culture in India's small towns.
Airtel pioneered a model that helped it to significantly lower down the cost of providing service.
NSE changed equity trading in India through clear rules backed with technology and risk-avoiding margins.