Number of active companies grew 12% Y-o-Y in FY21
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Number of active companies grew 12% Y-o-Y in FY21

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As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the number of active companies grew 12.1% Y-o-Y in FY21 to 13,44,857, the fastest in a decade. This was partly due to fewer exits. 

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Growth picked up across sectors. Agriculture companies increased by 30% Y-o-Y in FY21.  

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Number of active companies registered with MCA in 2020-21 increased by 11.8% in industry sector. 

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Around two-thirds of active firms are in business services (32%) and trading (retail/wholesale: 13%), followed by social (8%) and finance (4%). 

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Number of active public companies registered with MCA as of FY 21 is 65,492 from 63,592 in FY20.

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Private companies registered with MCA contribute a major share in total active companies registered in recent years. These companies registered a growth of 9.34% on Y-o-Y basis in FY21.