India’s Best Banks Listing In Association With KPMG

Jan 23, 2023

Business today is back with its prestigious India’s Best Banks listing in association with KPMG. The two-part study, Quantitative and Qualitative, accounts for over 35 parameters to rank the performances of Indian Banks. After an insightful look into the data, it was ICICI bank that emerged as India’s best Bank. Going forward the banking sector is expected to face some headwinds to make loan growth sustainable, keeping in account global recession and slowdown. Also, everyone’s anticipation for Union Budget is growing with each passing day. Experts believe that the approach for this year’s budget will be same as previous years. Declining GDP growth rate is a concern which the government has to look after by aiming to increase the domestic consumption and incentivize private infrastructural investment which until now had bitter experiences in the sector. Another highlight of the conversation is SEBI gearing up to bring third-party listing agencies under their scanner. This comes in due to underwhelming performances for companies that went public recently which is in straight contrast as per the rosy picture of them that these agencies painted. Catch all the insightful conversation on this edition of Behind the scenes: India’s Best Banks Host: Sakshi Batra, Associate Editor & Anchor, BT TV

A Deep Dive Into Coca Cola's India Growth Strategy

Jan 17, 2023

Coca-Cola India—which, together with its bottlers, is a Rs 20,000-crore business—is in a sweet spot. In 2022, two of its brands, Thums Up and Sprite, hit the billion-dollar revenue mark, and mango drink Maaza is also well on the way to that milestone. Besides, at a massive 60 per cent share of the Rs 50,000-crore Indian carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market (PepsiCo India is at 30 per cent), the company is well-positioned to capitalise on its strengths. Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra speak with Alokesh Bhattacharya, Managing Editor, Business Today and Krishna Gopalan, Executive Editor, Business today as they discuss all the key stories on can expect to read in the latest issue of the magazine.

THE COVER | Business Today's latest issue on India's Best Banks

Feb 24, 2022

As the Indian economy attempts to rise from the pandemic with renewed vigour and pursue growth, a key engine powering this ambition has to be the banking sector. Sakshi Batra in conversation with Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today magazine and Anand Adhikari, Managing Editor, Business Today Magazine unravels what goes on behind creating the THE COVER story. They also discuss the key findings from the BT-KPMG study of India's Best Banks.

The Cover: Business Today Study Shares Insights On Future Ready Employer Brands

Mar 24, 2022

If there is one thing that Covid-19 has changed irrevocably, it is the idea of work, and companies everywhere are still trying to come to terms with this new reality. Business Today's latest issue which covers the 'Best Companies to Work For In India' ranks firms are that are able to strike the balance between the demands of the organisation and the needs of the employee emerge as winning employer brands. Watch Sakshi Batra discuss with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Managing Editor, BT Magazine, Krishna Gopalan, Deputy Editor, BT Magazine and Vidya S, Special correspondent on the key metrics the companies have been chosen and the way top companies are reimagining the future of work in India.

How Is Ajay Piramal Getting Ready To Transform Piramal Group?

May 18, 2022

Tune in to watch the latest episode of 'The Cover' where Sakshi Batra speaks to Krishna Gopalan, Deputy Editor BT Magazine and Special Correspondents Vidya S and Prerna Lidhoo to find out key insights from the newest issue of the Business Today Magazine. Catch a sneak peak into the cover story on Ajay Piramal taking the next steps to create Piramal 2.0.

How the Funding Winter Has Affected Indian Start-ups

Jan 04, 2023

From the highs of 2021 to the lows of 2022, the dramatic change in the fortunes of India’s start-up ecosystem in recent months has become the cause for much concern in entrepreneurial circles. Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra discuss what exactly has gone wrong with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Managing Editor, Business Today, Binu Paul, Senior Assistant Editor and Nidhi Singhal, Senior Associate Editor, Business Today in this edition of The Cover.

How South Indian Movies Are Pulling In Big Bucks Never Imagined Before In Indian Cinema

Jul 29, 2022

Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra discuss the South Indian Cinema recipe which seems to be appealing the Indian movie watchers' palettes more than the good old Bollywood movies these days with Business Today's Vidya S and Prerna Lidhoo who have done a deep dive to find out more about the Southern Tsunami and behind the scenes.

#BTCOVER | IKEA's India Challenge

Aug 11, 2022

The Swedish Home Furnishings Giant is aggressively pushing into the Indian market, but leading domestic brands are not ready to give up market share without a fight. Sakshi Batra discusses plans of IKEA with India with Alokesh Bhattacharya, Managing Editor, BT Magazine, Arnab Datta, Assistant Editor, BT magazine, and Ashish Rukhiyar, Senior Associate Editor and many more stories in this BT Magazine issue.


Jan 04, 2023

With revenues of 16,000 Crore Rupees coming from FMCG alone, #itcompanies is swiftly smoking away its #cigarettes legacy. GUESTS KRISHNA GOPALAN, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, BUSINESS TODAY SMITA TRIPATHI, SENIOR EDITOR, BUSINESS TODAY BINU PAUL, SENIOR ASSISTANT EDITOR

Watch: Evolution Of Family Businesses In A New India

Sep 12, 2022

Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra speak to Krishna Gopalan, Ashish Rukhaiyar and Rajat Mishra to discuss what to expect in the latest issue of the Business Today magazine

WATCH: Have Money, Will Spend: India's Roaring Luxury Market

Oct 07, 2022

Rich Indians are on a spending spree. What began last year as revenge spending—as the pandemic gradually came under control and lockdowns were lifted—has now turned into a strong trend with Indians splurging on sprawling residences, lavish holidays, jewellery, watches, fine dining, and more. So much so, that Euromonitor International estimates the luxury goods market—which includes personal luxury, fine wines/champagne and spirits, luxury cars, and experiential luxury—to bounce back, after the setback caused by the pandemic, to over Rs 50,000 crore by 2024 from around Rs 46,000 crore in 2022. Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra discuss with Bandeep Singh, Group Photo Editor, and Nilanjan Das Group Creative Editor t findout more about what went behind the making of this luxury special edition of Business Today.

BT- MDRA India's Best B-Schools Survey 2022

Jan 04, 2023

At a time when the world is facing increasing uncertainty, digital disruptions, supply chain issues and dynamic market preferences India's top B-schools need to groom future leaders who can take on these emerging challenges. The BT-MDRA India's Best B-Schools Survey 2022 assumes great significance against this backdrop. Tune in as Sakshi Batra gets in conversation with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Managing Editor, Business Today, and also Ashish Rukhaiyar, Senior Associate Editor and Senior Correspondent, Vidya S to find out insights on the issue.

All About Invest India- India's Investment Promotion Agency

Nov 18, 2022

Invest India, the country's investment promotion agency is going all guns blazing to fulfill the Prime Minister's vision of propelling India into the next decade. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Over the last few years, India has received record FDI and created millions of jobs. It is in the journey that Invest India, the start-up of the Government of India, has played a crucial role in unleashing the country's talent, creativity, and zeel. Tune in with Sakshi Batra, Associate Editor & Anchor, Business Today TV with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Managing Editor; Anand Adhikari, Managing Editor, and Krishna Gopalan, Executive Editor.Tune in with Sakshi Batra, Associate Editor & Anchor, Business Today TV with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Anand Adhikari, Managing Editors, and Krishna Gopalan, Executive Editor.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The How The Business Today Magazine Mega Issue Is Compiled

Dec 02, 2022

BT-500, the most valuable compendium since 1992 evaluates the most valuable companies in India. Reliance, TCS, and Hdfc bank top the list with the highest average market capitalization amidst the strong headwinds of global inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical crisis. Another name that shines bright on this cover is Gautam Adani. The group holds the title of the largest airport operator and is aiming at a Rs 12 lakh crore investment in the coming 5 years for setting up a green hydrogen ecosystem, setting up data centers, and entering the domain of defence and aviation. But the company's debt structure is a concern for many. Meanwhile, Radhakishan Damani's Avenue Mart continues to be an investor darling with its deep penetration into the markets and acing the supply chain game of retail markets. Catch all these insights in this latest edition of Behind the scenes- Bt 500

Who Will Emerge Winner In The Riveting Battle For The Top Slot?

Dec 20, 2022

A riveting battle for the top slot is playing out in the Indian two-wheeler market. Twelve years after erstwhile partners Hero Group and Honda decided to split, the Japanese company is on the verge of securing a pole position in this battle of the giants. Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra in conversation with Alokesh Bhattacharyya, Managing Editor, Business Today, Vidya S, Special Correspondent, Rachna Dhanrajani to find out more insights from the latest issue of the BT magazine