Interim Budget 2014-15: Key highlights from P Chidambaram's speech

Interim Budget 2014-15: Key highlights from P Chidambaram's speech

Amid constant interruptions by some members, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram presented the interim budget for 2014-15 in the Lok Sabha.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram Photo: AP Finance Minister P Chidambaram <em>Photo: AP</em>

Highlight55:No change in income tax rates.#

Highlight54:Populism is not our way of governance.#

Highlight53:Growth for next year should be 5 per cent.#

Highlight52:6 pc excise duty for all mobile phones.#

Highlight51:Soaps, TV, fridge to be cheaper now.#

Highlight50:Excise duty on SUVs reduced to 24%, on large cars to 20%.#

Highlight49:FM reduces excise duty on capital goods from 12% to 10%.#

Highlight48:Cars to be cheaper as FM proposes to reduce excise duty on automobiles. Excise duty on small cars, motorcycles reduced from 12% to 8%.#

Highlight47:Disappointed that we have not been able to introduce DTC.#

Highlight46:Focus on building up manufacturing capacity.#

Highlight45:Community radio to be promoted with Rs 100 crore.#

Highlight44:All taxes on exports to be waived for manufacturing sector.#

Highlight43:Rs 65,000 crore for fuel subsidies.#

Highlight42:Three more industrial corridors announced.#

Highlight41:Govt is dedicated to keeping Indian economy in robust health.#

Highlight40:CAD can only be addressed by foreign investment.#

Highlight39:Budgetary support to railways raised to 29,000 cr.#

Highlight38:Propose a moratorium period for some education loans.#

Highlight37:PSU banks got more than 25 lakh student loan accounts in 2013.#

Highlight36:Proposes Rs 11,200 crore for capital infusion in PSBs.#

Highlight35:Govt approves one rank one pay for retired jawans.#

Highlight34:Defence allocation for FY15 increased by 10 per cent.#

Highlight33:Plan expenditure at Rs 5 lakh 55,322 crore in 2014-15.#

Highlight32:Non-plan expenditure in 2014-15 estimated to be over Rs 10 lakh crore.#

Highlight31:Budgetary support to railways at Rs 29,000 crore in 2014-15.#

Highlight30:Over Rs 45000 cr allocated for scheduled caste sub-plan.#

Highlight29:Seven new airports under construction.#

Highlight28:Those at the bottom of the pyramid need Aadhar.#

Highlight27:Govt remains fully committed to Aadhar.#

Highlight26:50,000 MW of thermal power under construction.#

Highlight25:UPA's growth story unparalleled.#

Highlight24:P Chidambaram promises 1 million jobs.#

Highlight23:FDI policy has been liberalised to attract larger investment.#

Highlight22:Foreign exchange reserves up by $15 billion.#

Highlight21:Reject the arguement of policy paralysis.#

Highlight20:Foodgrain production estimated at 263 million tons in 2013-14.#

Highlight19:Agriculture credit will cross $45 billion against $41 billion in 2012-13.#

Highlight18:296 projects worth Rs 6,60,000 crore cleared by Cabinet Committee on Investment by end January 2014.#

Highlight17:Growth needs to be more inclusive.#

Highlight16:Growth in Q3 and Q4 FY14 will be at least 5.2 per cent.#

Highlight15:Among emerging economies, rupee affected least.#

Highlight14:Two projects sanctioned under Nirbhaya Fund; original Rs 1,000 crore made non-lapsable; another Rs 1,000 crore granted.#

Highlight13:Agriculture GDP growth expected at 4.6 per cent in current year.#

Highlight12:National manufacturing policy is set to revive manufacturing in 2014.#

Highlight11:Construction underway for 50,000MW of conventional power.#

Highlight10:Over 29,000 MW of power capacity added during fiscal.#

Highlight9:Exports estimated at $326 billion in current fiscal.#

Highlight8:Exports have recovered sharply.#

Highlight7:Too many obsatcles in implementing projects.#

Highlight6:Core inflation at 3 per cent. Food inflation remains a key worry.#

Highlight5:CAD will be contained $45 million.#

Highlight4:Fiscal defict to be contained at 4.6 per cent.#

Highlight3:Challenges we face common to emerging economies.#

Highlight2:India not unaffected by events in global economy.#

Highlight1:Cabinet approves Interim Budget for 2014-15.#



Published on: Feb 17, 2014, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Feb 17, 2014, 12:00 AM IST