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Congress-mukt Bharat is merely fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's dream, says PM Modi in Parliament

The Prime Minister also spoke about electrification of Indian villages and said that he came to do what the Congress could not.

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | February 7, 2019 | Updated 20:01 IST
Congress-mukt Bharat is merely fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's dream, says PM Modi in Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who took the floor at the Parliament lashed out at the Opposition, especially the Congress party. He took quite a few jibes at the Opposition's mahagathbandhan and said that the Opposition has started hating the nation in their hate for the Prime Minister. The PM called the Congress party 'rotten' and said that the Congress party even insulted the Election Commission, the Supreme Court as well as the Indian Army.

"The Congress has become rotten now," he said, adding, "When I said Congress-mukt Bharat, I am merely fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's desire".

Targeting the Opposition, the PM said that the mahagathbandhan is actually 'mahamilawat' coalition that cannot work for the country.

PM Modi also brought up the Rafale controversy. "I want to say it on the floor of the Parliament that the Indian National Congress does not want our armed forces to be strong. They do not want our security apparatus to be strong. Which companies are they bidding for that they are acting so shamefully?" he said. "I used to wonder why the Congress lied about the Rafale deal with such confidence. And then I realised, under the previous Congress governments defence deals had middlemen, the Congress gets frazzled when someone works with honesty."

Retorting on their criticism of BJP government's relation with the country's institutions, the PM said, " In 1959, Congress Central Government dismissed the Communist Government in Kerala. 60 years now, hope my friends from Kerala remember. So, what sanctity? What respect of institutions?"

"The people of India have seen the work a Government with a full majority can do. They have seen the work of NDA," he added.

The Prime Minister also spoke about electrification of Indian villages. Referring to Congress, he said, "I had to come and do what you could not do."

Taking a jibe at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said, "In hating Modi, the Opposition has begun to hate the nation. That is why their leaders go to London and do press conferences to show India in bad light."

PM Modi also said, "When we talk of a new India, we talk of hope. We talk of two dates - BC and AD. BC is Before Congress and AD is After Dynasty," that was met with peals of laughter.

"This is an election year, and so it is a political compulsion for all political parties to say something in Parliament. I wish for healthy competition during election," he added.

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