A property that focuses on improving your quality of life in more ways than one

With a high focus on improving 'Quality of Life' for its residents, Central Park has continuously made efforts to understand the nuances of quality living and deliver the same.

For any business to flourish, the product or service needs to be of high quality. But in real estate parlance, a quality or luxury product is typically associated with grand spaces, state-of-the-art designs, or bespoke services to deliver the best consumer experience. However, seldom would you find a developer who is on a constant quest to deliver more than what was promised to consumers. Central Park is one such name. With a high focus on improving 'Quality of Life' for its residents, Central Park has continuously made efforts to understand the nuances of quality living and deliver the same.

When Central Park Resorts, one of the premium residential spaces, was being designed, it did not include the concept of 'No vehicles on ground surface'. However, an afterthought from the company's Chairman & Managing Director, Amarjit Bakshi made possible the integration of an underground tunnel for vehicles to enter and park in the complex, with only golf carts as a means of transportation at the surface level. This led to an overall increase in the cost of the project but that did not deter Central Park from executing the tunnel as an addition to the direct benefits. Not only did this improve the overall safety & security of the project, it also helped in the reduction of noise and air pollution. This truly reflects how Central Park believes in walking the extra mile for its residents.

In another endeavor, the growing pollution level in the city posed a health hazard to Central Park's residents. This prompted the management to swing into action and look for an immediate solution. Central Park got 'mist cannon' machines installed at the premises, which are essentially highly-pressurized cannons spraying water to bring down the pollution level. The mist cannons are equally effective in bringing down the temperature in summers, thus providing respite to the residents from the soaring heat. Central Park has not charged its residents either for the tunnel or the mist cannons, which is extremely unique for a developer.  

Central Park's management focus is not just profit but providing the best quality of living to its residents. Mr. Bakshi says, "What matters is not what our customers say in front of us, but what they say in their circle of friends or to their business partners when we are not there. We believe that the real relationship with our consumers starts when they begin living at Central Park and continues throughout their lifetime."  

It is their constant endeavor to collect and use regular feedback from their residents in order to improve. One such testimonial includes that of Gaurav Makkar, an International Athlete representing India, "As an athlete we struggle a lot with the facilities around but ever since I moved to Central Park, it has eased my life a lot. There is a wonderful running track over here, I get a lot of mileage in the pool, I run at odd hours. We are given a very safe and secure environment, no vehicular movement, no pollution, no traffic. Here we have everything at our doorstep. Every day we are living the resort life, we don't have to do weekend getaways, we are living it every day. Kids love to go to the Children's Park. I travel a lot for my games and sports, so I don't have to think twice before leaving my family, I know they will feel safe."

Since Central Park lays such emphasis on catering to all requirements of all age groups, another such testimonial is shared by Educationist, Sunita Khanna, who explains how moving to Central Park changed her life, "I am very grateful to my Guruji and my children who brought me here. I was staying in a posh colony in Delhi - Green Park, and was having some health issues due to arthritis, and was suffering a lot. Ever since I have come to Central Park, my health is improving, my ability to walk has improved, and I am having a wonderful time and I feel ten years younger after coming here."

Central Park also offers plenty of recreational activities from sports such as Golf putting to Badminton, Cricket, Cycling, Skating, Jogging & Swimming alongside 18000 sq. ft. of a dedicated Children's Play Area and more. In order to make things convenient for residents, Central Park offers 5 Star Resort services such as concierge, housekeeping, laundry & pet hotel amongst others. These amenities combined with the club within the condominium, Club Capri, ensure that residents barely need to step outside for anything. Central Park has always focused on a customer-first approach and will continue to do so for a fulfilling lifestyle complete with all amenities and comforts in one place. 

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