Classplus encourages students to acknowledge teachers' role in their lives

Guru Dakshina: A tribute from Classplus to those who inspire

Sep 16, 2021

Classplus's film ‘Guru Dakshina’ is a reminder of the pure and selfless connection between teachers and their disciples

FURA Gems founder Dev Shetty

Dev Shetty: Benchmarking clean colour gemstone trade

Sep 14, 2021

FURA Gems is the first colored-gemstone mining company to operate three precious-gemstone verticals simultaneously and successfully. Underlining this achievement is the strategic brilliance of founder Dev Shetty, who has almost single handedly shaped up a mining behemoth that promises to boost the transparency and supply stability in coloured-gemstone trade.

Term insurance

Protection in the times of Covid-19: A term insurance plan your family needs immediately!

Sep 13, 2021

Nothing can give you more ease and comfort than knowing that your loved ones will have a corpus to fall back upon in your absence. This would be your gift to them- the gift of a secure future

Esha Tiwary, GM, India, Entrepreneur First

Cracking the code to finding the right co-founder

Aug 26, 2021

EF runs bi-annual cohorts in six countries, including Bengaluru, India, wherein 50 aspiring founders are shortlisted and encouraged to find co-founders among themselves.

German entrepreneur Reza Abbaszadeh

Reza Abbaszadeh is allying with top tech companies in India

Jul 01, 2021

Collaborating with Indian companies is providing substantial opportunities for foreign investors of late

Subarna Roy, author of 'Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020'

The reality of purpose or purposeful realism

Jun 11, 2021

Sabarna Roy's sixth book explores the darker sides of characters while touching upon the most debated topic of duality

Marg's sustainable, hyperlocal markets attract gains

Jun 05, 2021

Marg, which is already catering to 50% of the pharma distribution and retail market, in the next three years, aims to include 2,50,000 chemists, besides FMCG and other services sectors

Anish Singh Thakur, Founder and CEO, Booming Bulls Academy

How the stock market can be a good second source of income, explains Anish Singh Thakur

Jun 05, 2021

"Earning consistent money through the stock market is a skill, and just like every other skill, it takes time to develop, said Anish Singh Thakur, Founder and CEO, Booming Bulls Academy

Dr. Lal Bhatia, Chairman, Hilshaw Group

Crossroads: To fund or not to fund?

May 28, 2021

Lal Bhatia, PhD, Chairman, Hilshaw Group elucidates Covid-19's impact on financing smart sustainable cities.

32Watts Clear Aligners celebrating 500+ cases in the first quarter of 2021

May 06, 2021

Till now, clear aligners are considered as an expensive and cosmetic treatment method reserved only for the rich. Today, Renderwise, the parent company to 32Watts Clear Aligners, proudly celebrated 500+ cases in the first quarter of 2021.

Naturevibe Botanicals eyeing export of Indian botanical products worth INR 250 crores

May 04, 2021

Naturevibe Botanicals has a strong network of more than 1200 farmer partners who supply the best quality organic produce.