High precision shower heads for that incredible shower experience

High precision shower heads for that incredible shower experience

Taking a shower doesn't just keep you feeling fresh and smelling of that lovely lavender or lime shower gel you just got for yourself, it also does wonders for your body.

For a lot of people, taking a shower is boring, mundane; something executed with all the banality of a mere habit. Then for some, it is sacred. Those few minutes of pure bliss when you have water trickling down your body, clearing all the mental cobwebs, bringing that much needed relief to tired muscles, is something not to be messed with, all the more so since a shower has more benefits that you ever thought possible.

Taking a shower doesn't just keep you feeling fresh and smelling of that lovely lavender or lime shower gel you just got for yourself, it also does wonders for your body. Hydrotherapy, as a technique, has been practiced for centuries for the beneficial effects that both hot and cold water have on the body. Some scientifically proven benefits of taking a shower include - reduced muscle tension and sugar levels, improved blood circulation and lung function, better immune system, removal of toxins and overcoming depression. 

The 'perfect shower' experience, however, is marred at times by several factors that come into play in India. Different people use a shower for different reasons- some consider it restorative, while for some, it is cleansing. In the end, it all comes down to the water pressure. Three things influence water pressure- the pressure that flows in the pipes in your house, the size of the valve that mixes and delivers the water, and the size and spread of nozzles on the shower heads. Low water pressure, due to any of these reasons, adversely affects your shower experience and leaves you frustrated. There is also the problem of clogged nozzles. The water in the pipelines in India is not exactly the cleanest. Deposition of lime and impurities over time can clog up your shower, reducing its performance. The size of the valve, as mentioned earlier, is another crucial element that goes a lot way in ensuring you leave your bathroom rejuvenated. Smaller the valve, the lesser water gets released to mix in a comfortable ratio, thereby decreasing the water pressure and hampering the showering experience. With around 63 million people in the country living without access to clean water, it also becomes an additional responsibility of those do have it to save it. Hence, the need of the hour is water efficient and high quality shower heads that not only give you an incredible shower experience, they also allow you to do your bit for Mother Earth.

So what if we told you that you had the option to choose from shower heads that guarantee 100% equal size drops from every single nozzle to give you a shower like never before? Multi-spray options from the Rain O2 spray to the gentle Pure Spray and the bubbly Champagne spray for a multi-sensory experience? And to top it all, up to 40% less water consumption so that you save more than 20,000 liters of water per year in family? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it so is true! Grohe, the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings, has mastered the secret of the perfect showering experience- all ensured by a meticulous design process, cutting edge engineering, and great attention to detail that ensures that every drop follows the same geometry. Transforming the act of showering to an art, Grohe has won more than 300 design awards and is the first and the last word when it comes to shower heads, what with its 10x more scratch-resistant and 3x harder surface that keeps the shower looking new even after years, Being an absolute pro at what it does, Grohe went a step ahead and developed the SpeedClean technology , a special anti-lime system that prevents limescale buildup in the nozzle- one wipe across the shower face with a cloth or your hand is all it needs. 100% rust-resistant with the CoolTouch technology that protects children and the elderly from hot water, these showers are a complete love and care package for your family. These showers also have a wide spread, are conveniently broad and deliver an exceptional performance even at water pressures that are as low as 0.1. What's more, they have several product ranges from you to choose from according to your need and preference- a customized experience of sorts!

So what are you waiting for? Get the Grohe showerhead to suit your personality and shower away to good health and happiness. Explore the complete range of GROHE showers here.