The MRN Group, through TruAlt Bioenergy is ushering in the global era of sustainability and biofuels says Vijay Nirani

The MRN Group, through TruAlt Bioenergy is ushering in the global era of sustainability and biofuels says Vijay Nirani

With our planet in dire need of clean and green sources of energy, TruAlt Bioenergy is one of those companies that will redefine the global landscape.

Established by one of India’s biggest and most reputed business houses, The MRN Group, TruAlt Bioenergy’s mantra is to create Wealth from Waste, thus creating a planet where clean and green energy is not an exception but rather a norm. With state-of-the-art factories, the latest innovative practices and exemplary management, TruAlt Bioenergy is set to become Asia’s largest producer of Ethanol, manufacturing a whooping 2.5 million litres of Ethanol per day.

However, the interesting fact is how this whole ecosystem functions. TruAlt utilises sugarcane as the raw material in the production of Ethanol, Bio CNG, Co2, Green Hydrogen and Electricity, thus creating a power and energy source from the plants that grow on our soil. A true form of clean and green energy.

Ethanol is christened to be the Fuel of The Future. With various countries amping up the demand for Ethanol aggressively, TruAlt Bioenergy stands as the market leader, not only to meet the demands of India but inadvertently elevate India as the Power and Energy Capital on the global platform. Today, with India achieving a 10% Ethanol Blending Rate in petrol, India has saved a whooping INR 41,000 crore in forex, which would otherwise have been paid to various ONGC’s throughout the world. The ultimate growth of a nation can be witnessed only when the rural and agrarian economy begin to grow at exponential rates. Through the utilisation of Ethanol and various biofuels, this has become a reality. Most Biofuels find their roots in the agrarian landscape of India, the most rural of regions. TruAlt Bioenergy utilises sugarcane as their raw material. And because of this, the sugarcane cultivators are able to realise prices for their sugarcane that are much higher than the stipulated FRP (Fair and Remunerative Price) and significantly higher that any other sugar mills throughout the country. TruAlt Bioenergy ardently believes that India’s rural and agrarian population should start reaping the benefits for their dedicated hard work and perseverance.

The buck does not stop here for TruAlt. TruAlt Bioenergy proposes to set up more than 100 fuel dispensing stations throughout Karnataka and subsequently across India. These fuel stations will be equipped to dispense Ethanol, Bio-CNG, petrol, diesel, and even accommodate EV charging points.

Speaking to the MD, Mr. Vijay Nirani, he states that “Moving forward, we firmly believe that Biofuels and Ethanol will ensure that our planet is cleaner, greener and more sustainable. Our carbon footprint will be significantly reduced, our farmers’ quality of life will improve as their incomes increase exponentially, and we are on a war footing to ensure that the air our children breathe is cleaner and India, as a nation, is transformed to the global leader in Bioenergy.

Published on: Sep 28, 2022, 7:24 AM IST
Posted by: anwesha madhukalya, Sep 28, 2022, 7:20 AM IST