Portea's post-operative care services gain momentum

The company's services in post operative also include rehabilitation for patients with pulmonary disorders and patients who are under cancer treatment.

Portea post-operative care services Portea post-operative care services

Portea Medical, which provides outside of the hospital healthcare services, started in 2013. The start-up now employs 4,000 and is present in 16 cities. BusinessToday.In recently spoke to Meena Ganesh, CEO and MD of the company. She provided an update on three key segments of her business - chronic disease management, post-operative care, and elderly care. The company, she said, is growing at over 50 per cent a year.

Post operative care: Hospitals and doctors want to ensure that their patients get the right kind of care post treatment, fuelling a demand for outside of the hospital business. Ganesh said that in some cases, such a service also helps the patient get discharged from the hospital earlier.

About a year back, Portea started offering ICU-at-home services. "After the intensive intervention, many hospitals still keep patients in the ICU because they are not ready to be moved to a ward. They need a lot of monitoring. However, there is no active intervention. Lot of hospitals now feel that this period is better served at home if we can create a similar environment," Ganesh said and added that her company's solution provides monitoring, nursing, ventilators and other equipment. An emergency physician is made available to talk to the patient party. "This is also applicable to end of life care. You still need an ICU but the chances of recovery are remote," Ganesh said.  

The company's services in post operative also include rehabilitation for patients with pulmonary disorders and patients who are under cancer treatment.

Chronic disease management: Those with diabetes, hypertension, and pulmonary disorders require self-management more than hospital care. The start-up's solutions here are a combination of physical and remote management. People, for instance, can use a connected glucometer and Portea could see the data and monitor. Doctors typically set up the treatment plan while Portea becomes their agents in delivering that plan.

Elderly care: Portea recently launched a membership programme called Portea Health Prime to manage a senior citizen's health. "Usually, the younger generation wants to pay for such a service so that their parents are well managed. The Prime starts with a comprehensive geriatric assessment. We determine what the condition is, what sort of issues they are likely to come up with. We then work with the family to put a plan together," Ganesh said. The membership programme costs Rs 15,000 a year. The package includes an emergency alert device, a health manager, certain number of doctor visits or physiotherapy visits and health checks.

Besides the services business, the company also runs a medical equipment rental and sales business. But it is services, which have scaled the most. "The services part is the biggest segment. Long-term services that are post-operative or senior citizens' care comprise the largest part. The fastest growing though is our diabetic care programme, which was recently launched," Ganesh said. 

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