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Smart desk, posture corrector and more, top five work from essentials

Here is a list of some work from home essentials that will comfort you and help you keep your spirits and concentration up during the long working hours while sitting at home

twitter-logoNidhi Singal | June 11, 2020 | Updated 17:00 IST
Smart desk, posture corrector and more, top five work from essentials
Smart Desk

If there could be one silver lining from the ongoing pandemic, it would be proving the viability of the work from home as a feasible option. Work from home until now was mostly frowned upon with many looking at it as a holiday from work. But with the organisations developing tight frameworks and stringent KRAs ensuring performance delivery, the HR departments are warming up to the idea of it. Besides, not only does it moderate the real estate cost but also lessens the chances of human conflicts that may arise. For instance, Google is giving employees an allowance of $1,000 or equivalent for setting up the home office.

However, many argue that the concentration level and productivity decreases when working from home. Here is a list of some work from home essentials that will comfort you and help you keep your spirits and concentration up during the long working hours while sitting at home.

1. Smart desk

Herman Miller's Ratio is a height-adjustable desk enabling transition between sitting and standing position. The electric height adjustment, including programmable pre-sets, facilitates quick height adjustment with a touch of a button. There is also a wellness app, a live platform for setting personal preferences and ergonomic coaching. Priced at Rs 1,18,400, the Ratio comes with 10-year warranty on the electric motor and a 12-year warranty for the desk. Alternatively, you may consider Vienna Hutch Desk retailing for approximately Rs 13,000 on Pepperfry.

2. Comfortable chair

Although you may alternate between sitting and standing at your work desk, you will still end up devoting a lot of time to rear seating. So choosing a chair that will offer appropriate lumbar support and cushioning is pivotal. A lot of it depends on your individual height, weight and posture, among others. Humanscale Freedom Chair is an ergonomic task chair with no tension springs or recline locks. It is designed in a way that it adapts to the frequent change of position, is weight-sensitive with self-locking recline mechanism with 20 degrees of movement, and features automatically pivoting backrest with seven-degree back tilt. Price starting from $899, you can customise it to a great extent from the headrest, textile to seat cushion - and yes, it does ship to India. If looking for something simple, consider Durian's Maestro contemporary style with soft cushion backrest for Rs 14,300.

3. Posture corrector

Working from home while sitting on sofa, bed and coffee tables can ruin your posture. However cautious you might be, investing in a posture correction device will be a good idea. Dipitr's Strack is a small wearable that helps correct your posture. It can be worn on the back using the accompanied supplied magnets (on the shirt) or adhesive tapes (pasted on the back). And it would vibrate every time you slouch. For Rs 5,699, you also get an automatic coach-mode too for a daily five-minute training session to gradually improve the posture.

4. Personal light

A poorly lit work desk can strain eyes, while a well-lit one can help improve focus and concentration. A technologically advanced lamp with fluid three-axis movement for height adjustment, the Dyson Lightcycle desk lamp can be a great work from home companion. Other than just up and down, it can go back and forth and swivel 360 degree. Controls can be accessed using the Dyson app too. With heat pipe cooling, a drop of water put inside a vacuum-sealed copper tube alternatively evaporates and condenses to pull the excess heat away to prevent the six LED lights from overheating, discolouring and fading. Retailing for Rs 39,900, it has a powerful light (100-1000 lux, 2700-6500K), with glare protection, and low optical flicker (<1 per cent). The ambient motion sensor switches the light on when you're near, and puts it off when you're away for more than two minutes. The ambient light sensor reacts to changes in background light, keeping the space at constant brightness. If looking for an alternate solution, you may consider Mi Rechargeable LED Table Lamp (Rs 1,499) with three modes - bright for work, cool for relieving eye-stress and the warm mode that doubles up as a night lamp.

5. Digitising notes

If you still prefer taking notes with pen and paper, technology today compliments the experience. Montblanc Augmented Paper (nearly Rs 65,000) bridges the analogue world with digital note-taking. This is a notebook that will allow you to digitise handwritten sketches, notes and almost anything through a connected app. Mobile apps such as Evernote and Microsoft's OneNote are great alternatives. They can snap the image of the handwritten page and transform it into the digital text. It might not be 100 per cent accurate but does the job well.

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