Wildfires cover Sydney in smog worse than Delhi; residents asked to stay indoors

Wildfires cover Sydney in smog worse than Delhi; residents asked to stay indoors

Residents of Sydney have been asked to stay indoors and take necessary precautions as air quality reached worst level in the world due to raging wildfires across the east coast of Australia

Blanket of smog over Sydney (Photo credit: Reuters) Blanket of smog over Sydney (Photo credit: Reuters)

As bad as it is, Delhi's air quality fared better than that in Sydney as bushfires razed the eastern coast of Australia. The most populous city in Australia was covered in a thick haze of smoke from the wildfires. Air quality in Sydney deteriorated 30 times the safe levels, following which health warnings had to be issued.

As per NSW Environment, air quality measurements in Sydney reached 2334 at around 9:00 am on Tuesday to the worst levels anywhere in the world. It was more than 30 times the safe levels of 34-66 on the AQI scale and 20 times more than Beijing and Jakarta, known for high air pollution levels.

The level of PM2.5 and PM10 particles stood at 2334 particulates per cubic metre of air in Sydeny's North-West, 641 in the Central Coast and 540 in Sydney's East, reported the Daily Telegraph.

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The particles could trigger breathing problems in people suffering from asthma, angina and emphysema, the report further said. Considering the hazardous air quality, respiratory patients in Sydney have been advised to stay indoors and avoid exercising. They have been asked to cover their noses and mouths with masks.

Bushfires are common across Australia but they usually happen during dry summers. Long drought and rising temperatures have sparked fires early this year which have spread due to strong winds. More than 100 fires were reported across New South Wales and Queensland along the east coast of Australia.

Meanwhile, air quality in Delhi remained in the poor category on Wednesday with an AQI of 282, with chances of slipping into severe category in the next few days.

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