Coolest Start-ups 2019
Coolest Start-ups 2019
Ant Group CEO Simon Hu resigns due to personal reasons

Hu's exit comes at a time when Ant Group is working on plans to shift to a financial holding company structure following regulatory pressure to subject it to rules and capital requirements similar to those for banks.


Bhasker 'Bosky' Kode's Bon focusses only on non-salaried borrowers, a segment that most fintech start-ups stay away from

WEGoT's VenAqua tracks water usage and helps reduce consumption

Scapic's Web browser helps even non-techies create AR/VR content

Varun and Ghazal Alagh of Mamaearth have gone from having six chemical-free products for small children to over 60 in just three years

Increff is an analytics enterprise that uses data tools to help fashion and lifestyle brands optimise their inventory turnover

Using its SaaS platform, Facilio manages building operations, making them intelligent and energy-efficient

Bengaluru-based B2B start-up Clairco provides clean air through AC as a service


Bengaluru-based urban mobility start-up Yulu Bikes provides bicycles and battery-operated two-wheelers to solve first and last-mile connectivity issues

Toffee Insurance has made it big by selling insurance for things like bicycles, backpacks and even gym injuries

MyGate's easy-to-use app gives gated colonies a way to keep track of entries and exits, improving security

An eminent jury selects start-ups that promise to make a difference

Kerala-based Genrobotics uses automation to address manual scavenging

Taking a cue from the digestive physiology of a cow, ECOSTP is treating sewage water and finding takers

What angel investors look at before deciding to fund a start-up