Business Today Archive April 19, 2009 Issue

Edition: April 19, 2009

Reverse mortgage, a scheme designed for senior citizens to help them tide over their golden years with ease, has not taken off in India. A lack of loan culture is a big reason.

In This Issue
Infrastructure is one sector where opportunities missed aren’t opportunities lost—not at least for the investors. BT presents a snapshot of prospects across a few key sectors.

Editor's Note
It's the basic law of nature: big events impact big entities more. So, a storm is more likely to damage a tree than a plant. Yet, a fundamental irony guides public perception.
Top Mind
Mobile Number Portability gives subscribers the ability to keep the same phone numbers when changing from one mobile provider to another. The subscriber’s mobile number and the recipient’s network ID are paired and updated in a centralised database.
Signed a deal between Sony and Google for making half a million copyright-free books available for Sony’s Reader device, a rival to the Amazon Kindle.
Deal Watch
3i India Infrastructure Fund established by international private equity firm 3i Group Plc. has invested around Rs 800 crore ($161 million) for a minority stake in Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd. (KPCL).
In Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely shows that humans are easily manipulated and predisposed towards chasing worthless options, says Rajiv Rao.

Cheating is natural and cheating works. No, not examination cheating. If you’re a guy and in a relationship, we don’t mean the she’ll-neverfind-out cheating either. We’re talking about Gym Cheating that can actually help you build the body you want.
Printed Circuit
Micro-blogging is the latest fad in the online world, with Twitter gaining in popularity. What is it all about?

The boardroom is their familiar turf, but for the moment they are both gunning for the 15th Lok Sabha. Aviation entrepreneur Captain G.R. Gopinath and CEO of ABN AMRO Bank’s India operations, Meera Sanyal, have taken up the gauntlet to fight the election as independent candidates from Bangalore and South Mumbai, respectively.
Leadership Spotlight
Most problems that companies face can be traced back to the failure of the management and the top leadership of those firms. So believes Dr Ashok Ganguly, one of India’s foremost management experts and a recent Padma Vibhushan recipient.

The fortnight’s burning question. Is the manner in which the Satyam investigation is being conducted giving India Inc. a bad name?

Sony’s launch of the first console title developed wholly in India and for India could be a major milestone for the gaming industry.

Cloud Computing is impacting your life and changing the dynamics of the software and hardware industries. But what on earth is the ‘cloud’?

Back of the Book
A small PSU in Mysore, the only firm in India to produce the indelible ink used in elections, is certain to profit from the polls. It is burning the midnight oil to meet this incremental demand. The company will supply 20-lakh bottles of 10 ml each to states this time, as against 16-lakh bottles of 5 ml each in 2004. K.R. Balasubramanyam reports.
Can salary cuts save jobs? Perhaps, but they co-exist in times of downturn.

As urban consumers, neck-deep in debt and over-their-ears in mortgage, are forced to embrace frugality, marketers and companies are gravitating to the rural consumers (BT cover, April 5) .
60 minutes
Stephen J. Dubner is the Co-author, along with economist Steven D. Levitt, of the 2005 international best-seller Freakonomics. The arguments of the book, which uses anecdotal information and shows how even the most innocuous things can be explained by simple economics, have been kept going via a blog.

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