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  • GDP growth has slid, public finances are messy and there is a jobs crunch. What the government needs to do to boost the economy.
Dec 30, 2018
The Buzz Funds Dry Up

Funds Dry Up

Post the IL&FS crisis, banks and mutual funds are being very cautious about lending to non-banking finance institutions.

Oil Gambit

Doha's exit announcement came just a few days before a crucial OPEC meet.

Compliance Nightmare

The requirement for e-commerce players to collect tax on each sale has backfired.

Deeper in Trouble

Twenty-five years old and Jet Airways' future appears dicey, its performance affected by tough market conditions and high Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) price.

Horlicks Sold

Hindustan Unilever's recent Rs 31,700 acquisition of GSK's consumer business (including Horlicks, Maltova, and Boost), makes it the country's largest food major.

Instagram Gets More 'Accessible'

The first feature uses object recognition technology to generate descriptions of photographs.

The Great Indian GDP Puzzle

Nobody knows what to do with the latest back series.

Global Worries

Trends in global markets do not augur well for India's economy.

A Bridge Too Far

The government's fiscal math is off-track. It will have to do some accounting jugglery to stick to the fiscal deficit target.

Unequal Footing

During elections, campaigning rules for social media should be more overarching.

China-US Truce

China and the United States have paused their ongoing trade standoff, at least for now.

Delhi's EV Play

Valid till 2023, the policy has a subsidy of Rs 22,000 for new e-two wheelers with a scrappage incentive of Rs 15,000 for old BS II and BS III e-two wheelers.

'Neutral' Policy Stance

There are global factors - from oil and trade wars to currency wars - all of which can derail the interest rate easing cycle.

Emerging From An Eclipse

Sun Pharma began the month with shockwaves about irregular practices but is trying to rally after clarifying its stance.

Carlos Gone

From hero to bad guy, the fall of Carlos Ghosn is dramatic. With him gone, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the world's largest automaker, looks set for a bitter boardroom tussle and an uncertain future.

Pressure Points

Public finances were marked by deviations from targets in 2017/18. A look at the numbers that matter.
The Break-Out Zone Beauty with Brains

Beauty with Brains

The watch sports a 42 mm circular case in black along with a 20 mm interchangeable black band.

Rise And Shine

In an era of disruption, lifelong learning is the way to outpace obsolescence.

Learn To Tell Your Story

Great leaders go beyond spreadsheets and analyses to make a point; they connect with compelling stories.

Be Smart, Buy Smart

Things to keep in mind while buying a smart TV.

An Orwellian World

Tech-enabled surveillance is about to be used for a social credit system in China, and the possibilities are frightening.
The Hub Energised India

Energised India

India was ranked fifth in power generation capacity. In electricity production, the country is the third in the world.

What We Need For Solar's Long Boom

A long-term and unambiguous policy framework will usher in more confidence and better investment inflow.

'Li-Fi Can Potentially Replace Wi-Fi'

The Netherlands-based Philips has been in the lighting business for over 127 years. In 2016, the Rs 57,095 crore Philips Lighting was spun off as a separate company listed on the Amsterdam Euronext Stock Exchange. In May 2018, Philips Lighting changed its name to Signify, in line with its philosophy that "light has become an intelligent language". Business Today's Rajeev Dubey talks to Eric Rondolat, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management, Signify, about how the industry is transforming and its implications. Excerpts:

Agritech Sprouts Start-Ups

Companies that use technology to improve farm production and distribution are attracting investor interest.

Surviving Debt

The GVK Group is taking a host of debt reduction measures even as it tries to look at growth options in the airports business.
Energy Wind Needs A Bigger Boost

Wind Needs A Bigger Boost

Harnessing 300 GW of wind energy potential requires big measures, but the outcome will rewrite India's Renewable Energy playbook.

Crude Reality

The dip in crude oil prices will ease the pressure on inflation and current account deficit.

Into The Dark

India has made big strides in renewable energy in the last few years, but challenges are mounting as well.

The Bright Side

India's conventional power sector is gaining from rise in demand, but a host of issues, especially financial health of discoms, remain a cause for concern.

India's Big Energy Gambit

The country is getting bolder on renewables, but traditional resources also need an aggressive relook to ensure energy independence.
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Introduced return of mortality charges for a ULIP this year, a first in the industry; the scheme clocked Rs 146 crore annualised premium, pushing the company to the top in online ULIP category.
Editors note On The Slow Track

On The Slow Track

How well is the Indian economy doing? The government would like to say that everything is hunky dory.