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Cover Story

  • Corporate czars are looking to acquire stressed assets of India's dozen big defaulters. A look at what that means for industry and banks.
Dec 31, 2017
Cover Story Managing Money in New Year

Managing Money in New Year

The coming year will be full of uncertainties; here is some expert advice on how you can make the best of it.
Stock picks Gujarat Election Results 2017: Top Gujarat-linked stocks to watch out in days ahead

Gujarat Election Results 2017: Top Gujarat-linked stocks to watch out in days ahead

The Gujarat election results also affected the markets today. The Sensex first slumped over 700 points after reports came of a neck and neck fight between the Congress and the BJP in the early hours of the day. However, it was quick to recover as trends showed the BJP jump ahead of Congress.
Mutual Funds Fund Snapshot: The Winners

Fund Snapshot: The Winners

Fund snap shot
Pharma & Healthcare Drug Wars

Drug Wars

India is importing less pharmaceutical raw materials from China, but the Chinese challenge is far from over.

No Easy Cure

Indian pharma companies are facing strong headwinds, but they are also exploring every new opportunity to ensure a quick recovery.

Beyond Metros

Private hospitals, offering quality healthcare, are proliferating in Tier-II and Tier-III towns.

The US Squeeze

Margin erosion and regulatory hurdles are hitting Indian pharma companies hard in their biggest market.

Growing Worries

Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are on the defensive. Our special report takes you through the headwinds they are facing and how they are reworking the way they make and market medicines.

Robot Doctors

Technology has the potential to reshape India's healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

A Bitter Pill

India's drug exports dipped 0.5 per cent in 2016/17
The Buzz Disruption or Disappointment?

Disruption or Disappointment?

The government has set up a seven-member task force to 'overhaul' direct tax laws, draft new laws in accordance with the changing economic climate, and incorporate the best international practices.

Clarity Awaited on Deposit Clause

The government has set in motion the process to build an institutional framework for dealing with bankruptcy of banks and insurance companies, akin to the newly operational bankruptcy code for the corporate sector.

No End to Bitcoin Frenzy

Even as the world debates the status of bitcoin, unabated buying continues, exposing investors to risks.

Tough Nuts

Advertisers have not been able to break the ice on Quora and Reddit.

Focus on Helping Exporters

The much-awaited mid-term review of India's Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-2020 is out.

Work in Progress

Here is the story so far of the new goods and services tax system.
FROM THE MAG TRAI Push for Consolidation

TRAI Push for Consolidation

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is leaving no stone unturned to speed up consolidation in the telecom sector.

"Businesses are becoming multi-dimensional. So young people should be visionaries"

Businesses are becoming multi-dimensional. So young people should be visionaries, says Anil Rai Gupta CMD, Havells India

Aahaa Stores- Online Outlet for Office Supplies

This B2B platform helps businesses reduce their tail-end spends.
The Break-Out Zone Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit

Best apps for unlimited storage of photos and videos on the cloud.

Data That Knows Itself

Self-aware software will be an important trend in the coming years - and it's tricky

Pause for Positivity

Set aside some time every day TO build better thinking habits.

Be Smarter Than Your Phone

There can be serious health issues due to overuse of gadgets that have invaded our lives.

Fine Living

Select indulgences across fashion, timepieces and travel.
The Hub Banking on Blockchain

Banking on Blockchain

Why Indian companies and financial institutions are rapidly taking to the new technology.

Great Wall of India

India clamps down on Chinese imports citing the one-sided nature of the engagement. But the process of weaning away industry from cheaper imports will not be easy.

Crunch Time

India's largest automobile player, Tata Motors, is under siege. The next six months will decide the success of CEO Guenter Butschek's turnaround strategy.

"India is tough to penetrate"

In the three years since April 2014, French hotel chain AccorHotels has more than doubled its India portfolio from 25 to 54 hotels, added new brands to its global portfolio and acquired companies in hospitality and technology sectors.
Editors note Corporate Hunters

Corporate Hunters

The number of companies that have been referred to the National Company Law Tribunal for resolution under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) has crossed 400.
LATEST Bait For Private Players

Bait For Private Players

The government has decided to change the rules to attract more private investors to the mining sector.
Book An Intellectual Odyssey

An Intellectual Odyssey

Connecting the dots between vastly disparate physical, physiological and socio-economic phenomena
Stocks Set Sights Lower

Set Sights Lower

Expect less from your bond funds in 2018 as rate cut cycle seems to be all but over.

Picking the Winners

Stock markets did well in 2017. Here is a little help for being on the winning side in 2018.
Expert Speak Affordable Housing To Spur Credit Growth

Affordable Housing To Spur Credit Growth

"The market potential is huge and will grow across all retail lending portfolios"


Real Estate Home Truths

Home Truths

Realty is still struggling to cope with disruptive reforms but affordable housing is the silver lining.


Managing money can be tricky. Send your queries, and top-notch industry leaders will help you resolve any issue.
Insurance A Bigger Leap

A Bigger Leap

Digital makeover and entry into new segments like cybersecurity and product recall will drive growth.
Retirement Good Year Ahead for Gold?

Good Year Ahead for Gold?

The equity market may have robbed it of its sheen, but several factors may spur investments into gold and gold stocks.
Investment Hit The must-reach Money goals

Hit The must-reach Money goals

IT professional Ashutosh Kumar Mishra and his wife are newlyweds with big dreams and cash flow constraints. They should now focus on must-reach goals, says Cheif Financial Planner Pankaaj Maalde