5 ways to maintain a healthy credit score if you are using a credit card

While credit cards seem like a landmine and its correct usage is slightly tricky, here are five simple ways in which you can maintain a healthy credit score while using your credit card

The 72 applicants for small finance bank licences are a mixed lot, indeed, a good number having had nothing to do with banking before.
Banks stocks are likely to grow in the coming year and provide good returns.
Make sure lending to a family member or friend does not become a problem later.
Invest in commodities, as their demand usually rises as the big festivals arrive.
Medical treatment costs have been rising steeply. Ensure your insurance cover is large enough to cover all contingencies.
Using online marketplaces, you can sell your products across the globe.
Read expert recommendations closely, but never follow them blindly.
In our previous issue, we analysed the World Bank's outlook on farm commodities. Now, we weigh its take on base metals.

Since August 29, 2013, the prices of gold dropped around 20 per cent to Rs 26,645 per 10 gram on September 24 this year.

Some of the common ways in which real estate developers try to cheat property buyers.

The right kind of mutual fund portfolio combines stability with limited risk.
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which offer both the flexibility of a stock and the protection of a fund, are becoming popular with Indian investors.
You cannot do without a real estate agent while searching for a home, but take care not to be misled by unscrupulous ones.
Rahul Oberoi dispels nine common myths about investing in this market.
The World Bank's predictions for 2012 on price movement of commodities may not all hold true in the domestic market.