Smart executive
Smart executive
You Are What You Wear

Should the clothes people wear to work matter at all? Most agree that clothes do matter and there is a crying need for better grooming and dress etiquette at the workplace in India.

Some managers mistakenly think they add value by spamming colleagues.
Yes, there is a basic template for interaction with colleagues.
At work, play to your strengths. Job specialisation always helps.
Enjoy the honeymoon period, but prepare for a reality check too.
The much-ballyhooed 360-degree appraisal is hardly foolproof.
This new year, turn to the old fables to improve your work habits.
Self-awareness is needed to turn confrontation into consensus.
The ability to influence those over whom a manager has no direct authority is a vital cog that keeps corporate wheels moving towards goal achievement.
To take better decisions, understand how decisions are made.
How to make a lasting impression in the shortest possible time.
Writing down your goals can help in navigating the tricky part of an appraisal.
Sometimes business leaders need to shun e-mail and step out of the office.
If you feel listless at work, you should see a counsellor.