Of the few thousand-odd e-mails and letters that Men’s Health receives every month, a sizeable number have little to do with health and fitness, nutrition, sex or any other core topic that the magazine talks about.

Pick a weight that you can handle safely for the prescribed repetitions and watch your timings—four second negative with an explosive positive (push.)
It was almost 11 P.M.— closing time at the gym—and I was on my way out when I suddenly heard sounds of commotion coming from the workout floor.
Ever wonder why six-pack abs and bigger arms are considered trophy muscles while legs, quads and calves are hardly, if ever, spoken about at all?
Drink Beer to Lose Weight’, ‘Eat More, Weigh Less’ and ‘Work Less, Earn More’ may sound incredulous at first sight.
You may not have considered Düsseldorf a top destination for a foodie. But think again.
In a hospital, using outdated information is considered malpractice; in a gym, it’s standard operating procedure. Don’t believe it?
For most people even faintly concerned about their fitness levels, January is gym season.
Here’s a two-part quiz. One: Are you happy with the size of your biceps? And two: Why not?
If Abs are the most popular of all vanity muscles the world over, why did it take an aging superstar to show us that Indians can develop chiselled six-packs as well?