How Delta variant spoilt the return-to-office plans for these companies

How Delta variant spoilt the return-to-office plans for these companies

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Google has postponed its employees’ return-to-office to October. The tech giant had to take this decision due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, that is seeing a surge around the world.Google is one among several international firms that have changed their plans regarding a return to office. Work-from-home is here to stay for some more time for these companies.

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Tech giant Google is treading carefully in these uncertain times. The company had earlier decided to get its employees back to office campuses in September but in the wake of the ongoing crisis it has postponed the return to October and has made it mandatory for everyone to get jabbed before setting foot in the campus.Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees in a note that he hoped the move would offer “greater peace of mind” to the company’s 135,000 workers.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was one of the first to announce that its employees should return to office in September, for at least three days in a week. Apple had even dropped its internal mask mandate in June but is now revising its policies. It has asked store workers to start wearing masks again in view of the rising cases. Employees have been asked not to come to office before October now.

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Facebook has decided to fully open up in September but will be giving the option of working from home to some employees. But it is insisting on mask mandates and vaccinations before the return. It is also keeping a close eye on the Delta variant which is surging in the US and across the world.

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Uber Inc has asked employees to return to office not before October 25, and the date could be further postponed if the COVID crisis continues to worsen in the country.

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Goldman Sachs

Last month Goldman Sachs announced a return-to-work. It was more like a celebration for the company. The company has mellowed since that time as the Delta variant spoiled the plans. Half of the US population is not vaccinated and companies are now thinking of making vaccines mandatory to overcome vaccine hesitancy.