How Strawberry Moon lit up the night sky in India

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The last full moon of the spring season and the first moon of the summer season is named Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon was seen in India around 12.10 am . It is said that due to the proximity to the earth in its orbits the moon’s size was bigger than its normal size.

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1. Why the name strawberry moon?

The name strawberry moon has been given by the ancient American tribes. They marked the full moon with the beginning of the harvesting season of strawberries. In the whole world, the month of June is denoted by numerous names like in Europe during the harvesting of roses it is known as Rose moon. Also in the Northern hemisphere as the month of June coincides with the beginning of the summer season north of equator it is known as Hot moon. As the normal moon phases last for a day, it is said that the strawberry moon will be more visible than a day in the night sky.

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2. How is the strawberry moon formed?

According to NASA, the orbit of the Moon around the earth is basically aligned in the same plane as the orbit of the earth around the sun. They said when the sun appears highest in the sky near the summer solstice the full moon near the sun appears lowest in the sky. In Europe higher latitude’s the full moon near the summer solstice shines through more atmosphere than at other times Of The year. This results in the reddish or Rose colour of the Moon known as Strawberry moon.

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3. Full moon phases in 2021

To complete a revolution around the earth, the time the moon takes is about 29.5 days to reach its  full phase. As a result a New Moon takes its shape. The summer solstice and strawberry moon coincides once every 20 years. Strawberry moon was visible on 24 June while the next full moon known as the “Buck moon” will be seen on 24 July. The next “Sturgeon moon” will be visible on 22 August and the very last full moon of the season, the “Harvest moon” will be visible on 24 September.

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4. Significance of this moon in different cultures

Full moons are significant in mythology. The June Full Moon has been named the Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon or Rose Moon. For Hindus in India, this Full Moon is called Vat Purnima. Married women offer prayers to the Banyan Tree on this day.