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Oppo Find X2 Pro tops DxOMark camera test, ties with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has gained the no.1 position on the DxOMark charts for camera performance.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | March 7, 2020 | Updated 17:26 IST
Oppo Find X2 Pro
Oppo Find X2 Pro


  • Oppo Find X2 Pro has three rear cameras with periscope zoom.
  • It has got an overall score of 124 on DxOMark ratings.
  • At the top position, Find X2 Pro ties with Mi 10 Pro.

Oppo Find X2 Pro has already accomplished itself as a powerhouse right after its launch. The latest flagship from the Chinese brand has been ranked first in the DxOMark ratings for smartphone cameras. The Oppo Find X2 Pro ties with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for the top spot and outperforms the Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, DxOMark has noted in its camera test review. The independent benchmarking platform has given the Oppo Find X2 Pro an overall score of 124, which is also what the Mi 10 Pro has scored. Among many qualities of its cameras, Oppo Find X2 Pro has been found to have an excellent autofocus performance, nice colours and wide dynamic range, and that it has excellent image stabilisation.

DxOMark flanked the Oppo Find X2 cameras with those on the Mi 10 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for the camera test. In its test, it also found that, while Oppo and Xiaomi have the same position on the chart, the latter has come to show better texture, rendering, and zoom performance in the photos and videos. By contrast, the Oppo delivers more balanced performance, with results that are close to the best we have seen in almost all Photo and Video sub-categories, noted DxOMark in its results. The primary feature that impressed the reviewers at DxOMark was the capability of the Find X2 Pro to autofocus on objects almost instantly.

But while there is a horde of pros for the Oppo Find X2 Pro, the list of cons is also mentioned. According to DxOMark, the Find X2 Pro could not apply the best HDR on portrait shots that are taken indoors. The cameras on the smartphone also tend to drop details towards the edge of a medium-range zoom shot. Even the ultra-wide shots also look less detailed sometimes. The videography on the Find X2 Pro also has some drawbacks, according to the platform. The videos shot on the Oppo Find X2 Pro retain noise outdoors. There are also some exposure instabilities on HDR videos. But, the pros for videos outweigh the cons the Find X2 Pro has excellent image stabilisation, in addition to producing a good dynamic range.

The Oppo Find X2 Pro comes with three cameras on the back a 48-megapixel main sensor with an aperture of f/1.7 and a 1/1.4-inch sensor, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide sensor with an f/2.2 aperture, and a 13-megapixel periscope sensor that gives a 5x optical zoom, which is impressive, according to DxOMark. For selfies, the Oppo Find X2 Pro comes with a 32-megapixel sensor on the front.

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