Everything Battlegrounds Mobile India: All you should know about the PUBG remake

It is not long before Battlegrounds Mobile India is launched publicly on both Android and iOS. For those waiting anxiously for the game, here is what you need to know about it to get your preparation going.

Battlegrounds Mobile India in-game screenshot (Image: India Today) Battlegrounds Mobile India in-game screenshot (Image: India Today)
Story highlights
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available in early access to limited users.
  • It is expected to be rolled out on Android in the coming weeks. An iOS launch will follow soon after.
  • The game borrows heavily from its origin - PUBG Mobile Mobile but has some twists.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally out and is being enjoyed by players in India who had pre-registered for the game. Part of an early access, the game at present shows us much of what we can expect from it once it is available to everyone.

The launch of the redesigned battle-royale action game had been long anticipated in the country following the ban of its original version - PUBG Mobile. Other than breaking off its Chinese ties, Krafton has also made amendments to the game to meet the requirements put up by the Indian government for the game's comeback.

So what are these amendments and changes? How do they reflect in the gameplay? And most importantly, when do you get to experience them yourself? Here we try to answer these questions.

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available in an early access to a limited number of participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. It can be downloaded by those who signed up for the beta version of the game. Pre-registrations for the same had begun back in May.

Krafton will be increasing the number of Early Access entries frequently throughout the day. So those who have pre-registered for the game are likely to get it soon.

Note that there is no invite system for the game as of now. Krafton also urges players only to use the Google Play Store download option shared through its verified social pages and the official website. All other links promising to give early access to the game are fake.

Battlegrounds Mobile India public rollout

Since the game is in an early access format right now, Krafton will be working on ironing out any bugs encountered by the limited users right now. Once the game is optimised as per the feedback, it will be rolled out to everyone.

It was earlier predicted that the game would be made accessible to all on June 18. However, since the early access has just been launched, Krafton is likely to take more time with it. A public launch is hence expected in the coming weeks.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile origins

As is known, Battlegrounds Mobile India derives its origin from PUBG Mobile. It comes as an India-specific version of the globally famous battle royale game. The idea behind its creation was to meet the mandates set up by the Indian government earlier for its operations in the country.

The centre had banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020 citing its links with Chinese major Tencent. Over the months, its violent nature was also cited as a reason for the game's ban to remain in effect, despite Krafton breaking off ties with Tencent. Battlegrounds Mobile India addresses all those concerns.

As a result, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a game completely exclusive to India. It will run within a closed ecosystem in the country and will not support cross-platform functionality with PUBG Mobile.

Meaning, players of Battlegrounds Mobile India will not be able to play with those playing PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile similarities

Since the new game in India is based on PUBG Mobile, it borrows heavily from it. The graphics and gameplay continue to be the same in most of the ways. So do the in-game components like maps, weapons and outfits.

We had a chance to play the Battlegrounds Mobile India in the early access and we felt the experience to be just like that of PUBG Mobile. The game has the same user interface with all the same gameplay options as before, including battle royale, team deathmatch and more.

What's more, PUBG Mobile players will even be able to transfer their data from the game to Battlegrounds Mobile India if they log in using the same Facebook, Twitter or Google Play account. This would include the unlocked weapons and outfits and in-game purchases they made in the previous game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile differences

There are some tweaks here and there that distinguish Battlegrounds Mobile India from PUBG Mobile. The most significant and visible one is that the blood spurts in the game are now shown in green instead of red.

The change is assumingly a part of Krafton's attempt to make the game seem less violent in nature. Other than the green blood, the game will also make players shed leaves instead of blood when they are shot. The "kill" moniker has also been changed to "finish" and now there is a "finished" count at the top to display the number of enemies you downed.

Some alerts have also been added to the game. For instance, it now gives repeated warnings to players to ensure that they don't play it for a long duration and take breaks in between. The game also asks players if they are 18 years or older, though there is no mechanism to cross-check that.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now also available in a lot more graphics option than before, including Ultra HD and UHD. The latter is still not available and will be added soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: minimum specs required

Under the app listing on Google Play Store, Krafton clarifies that Battlegrounds Mobile India will work on smartphones running Android 5.1.1 or above. It also mentions that the device is recommended to have at least 2 GB RAM for the game to run.

Since this is a battle royale game and requires multiple players, the game will only run with a stable internet connection.