JioFiber broadband plans: What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid plans

JioFiber postpaid plans are now live and available for booking. These plans come at a monthly price of Rs 399 and can be availed through semi-annual and annual booking. Jio notes that there are no security and installation charges for these plans.

Story highlights
  • JioFiber postpaid plans are now live and can be booked through Jio’s website.
  • The tariffs are the same as the JioFIber prepaid plans. However, users have to make semi-annual or annual payments.
  • Jio, however, notes that it is giving a 4K set-top box with the JioFIber Postpaid plans at a refundable deposit of Rs 1000.

Jio had launched JioFiber truly unlimited broadband plans in August 2020. These plans start from Rs 399 and Jio had noted that the plans were designed and launched keeping in mind the challenging times that the consumers are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jio also gave a 30-day free trial to new customers. Prepaid users can get a subscription to their favourite broadband plans on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. In April 2020, Jio announced that it would give an additional validity of 15 and 30 days to users subscribing to annual and annual JioFiber plans.

Now, Jio has introduced the postpaid method of payment for JioFiber broadband plans with additional benefits like no security deposit or installation charges. JioFiber postpaid broadband plans are now available for booking. These plans have the same price as the JioFiber broadband prepaid plans starting at Rs 399 per month and give up to 1Gbps data. However, users will have the option of making the payment on a semi-annual or annual basis.

Jio notes that there are no security charges or installation charges with the JioFiber postpaid plans. JioFiber claims to provide symmetric internet speeds with equal upload speeds and download speeds. The ISP is also giving a 4K set-top-box at no extra cost. However, the terms and conditions of Jio note that the one-time refundable amount for devices and advance towards installation services of Rs 1000 will be refundable only if service is discontinued in the 30 day trial period upon return of devices in working condition. These postpaid Jio fiber plans are claimed to have no upfront entry cost. The terms also note that the truly unlimited plans have a commercial use policy of 3300 GB. For plans priced above Rs 999, Jio will give access to 15 OTT apps.

To get the JioFIber postpaid plans, users can drop a lead on Jio notes that its executive will reach out to customers once their area is Jio-fiber ready. As of now, Jio has listed fiber plans with six months and 12 months billing options for the JioFIber Postpaid option. Seven plans have been listed with six months and 12 months validity. The monthly price of the plan begins at Rs 399 but users will be required to make the payment on a semi-annual or an annual subscription basis.

New users can get access to the 30-day free trial of JioFiber prepaid plans. The 30-day free trial would provide 150 Mbps truly unlimited internet to users along with a 4K set-top box with access to the top 10 paid OTT apps at no extra costs. The users will also get free voice calling facilities. However, if you do not like the service, Jio will take back the set-top box and other accessories without asking any questions to the users.