Valve announces contest for Counter Strike: Global Offensive with $1 million prize money

Valve is giving $1 million to each winner and there will as many as 10 winners in the contest.

Story highlights
  • Valve has announced a new Counter Strike: Global Offensive art contest.
  • Each winner of this contest wins a prize of $1 million.
  • The deadline for submitting entries to this contest is October 21.

Valve, which recently launched its first handheld gaming console called the Steam Deck, has now announced a $1 million contest for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The Washington-headquartered game developer is looking for new weapon skins for CS:GO and this contest is a way to lure designers and creators. There will be 10 winning entries in this contest, each eligible for the prize worth $1,000,000, which is roughly Rs 7.5 crore. Their design for the weapon skins will be featured in the game.

According to Valve, both individuals and teams can participate in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive's art contest. Each participant needs to have a "non-limited" Steam account to enter the contest, for which the company has set up a dedicated website. There are 10 original dream and nightmare-themed weapon finishes that need design, hence 10 slots for winners. However, a participant can send in as many designs as they want for the contest. One participant - either an individual or a team - can have more than one winning skin.

Artists of these designs will own rights to their creations, but Valve will make them sign a non-exclusive license to be able to use those creations in the game. This will automatically become a part of the contest rules as soon as the participant signs in using that non-limited Steam account. What this means is that the participant's Steam account should not have any restrictions and with purchases at least worth $5. The deadline for submitting entries is October 21, after which Valve will evaluate and decide the winners. The winner list is likely to be out by November 21, the company said in a statement.

"Since then, over five million content creators have submitted and published over 20 million new items for a variety of games on Steam, making them available to millions of gamers around the world. And, as everyone who plays these games knows including CS players many of the most iconic in-game items, maps, and more have been authored by members of the community. The Dreams & Nightmares Content Contest is designed to help further support this community," said Valve.

Valve's contest is a good way to bring creators to one place and use their ideas to propel Counter Strike even further. And even though the opportunity is big in itself, the $1-million prize may prove to be life-changing for some artists. Better if they win more than one prize in the contest.