Sui Dhaaga Movie Review: Anushka Sharma, Varun Dhawan deliver compelling performances and an earnest movie

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review: Anushka Sharma, Varun Dhawan deliver compelling performances and an earnest movie

Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma fit the bill perfectly are deliver compelling performances.

At the core of Sharat Katariya's new movie, Sui Dhaaga, lays a very simple principle - sab badhiya hai. It is, in fact, this oft-repeated phrase that binds the movie together. It is also with this same feeling one would leave the movie theatre because sab badhiya hai.

Sui Dhaaga revolves around the life of Mauji, a tailor and his wife, Mamta, an embroiderer. It is with the same principle that Mauji lives his life despite his thankless job, his ailing mother, his well-off brother, his disappointed and cranky father and a wife with whom he hardly has any connect. In fact, they communicate through other family members. Lack of economic resources also has taken a toll on the family but Mauji lives for the smaller things in life.

But when his wife sees him playing a pet dog at his boss' son's wedding, she eggs him on to leave the humiliating job and start something of his own. Mauji and family have a history of handicraft, so, she pushes him to try his luck at his own tailoring business. Great as he is at tailoring, things don't go as planned. As he realises, opportunities don't fall in one's lap just because they are meritorious. But, since it is Mauji, all's good. From thereon, Mamta and Mauji take great pains to get their business to take off.

Mamta, the quiet, unimposing, caring wife is also the brain behind their tailoring business. She works hard with Mauji, bargains on their behalf, incepts ideas and allows him to take the credit. Mamta brings Mauji out of the rut and rescues him from employers who would not recognize dignity from a wall. Anushka Sharma as the docile and innocent wife is very likeable and someone one would root for throughout the movie.

Varun Dhawan too matches Sharma in his performance. He fits the bill perfectly and does a brilliant job of portraying Mauji. The chemistry between Mamta and Mauji adds to the simplicity and fabric of the movie. They only really start communicating when they set off in their own path.

However, the ones who really steal the show are the supporting actors, including the mother, Raghubir Yadav as the angry father and Namit Das as the deceiving extended family member.

One would still, however, wish that the world would stop fooling the gullible couple. Or wonder why are they still not learning their lesson after the umpteenth time. The audience can predict the future scenes from miles ahead. 

Sure, there are parts of Sui Dhaaga that may appear far-fetched and too melodramatic but they are well compensated through the course of the movie. Scenes like when the ailing mother, lying flat on the floor refuses to go to the hospital or when Mauji's friend suggests them to give her some 'anaar ka juice' as she is losing blood are so hilariously characterstic of Indian households that one can't help but identify with them.

All in all, Sui Dhaaga is a funny, entertaining movie that will tell you in all earnestness that even if not everything is badhiya, there are things that are always worth fighting for, be it a sewing machine or one's dreams.