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Why e-commerce will generate 2.5 lakh jobs in 2016

Majority of e-commerce departments and businesses have increased their turnover since last year and present a good opportunity for the industry to develop further, says the Assocham report.

Each university has its own set of requirements, so you should check their websites or call the admission offices directly to find out exactly what is required.
The survey, which covered 15 leading developed and emerging economies including India, said the employment outlook is net positive in only five of these countries.
Salaries are likely to increase by 10.5 per cent across levels and industries this year mainly due to optimistic economic outlook, a survey has said.
It is because the first impression created by small talk on the way to the interview room shapes whether employers view candidates in a positive or negative light.
The rise of technology has made it more difficult for workers to stay focused, with the average person checking their emails as often as every two minutes.
The buzz that Google Inc may move back to the Chinese mainland became louder this week after the Internet giant's numerous job postings appeared on social media.
The programme of 'Celebrate Careers' revolves around recognising best practices and accomplishments of employees, rewarding them and celebrating their career.
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