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SIAM's budget wish: GST cut on auto, vehicle scrappage scheme

Bringing down the tax rate will reduce vehicle prices, which will help in spurring demand that has been sluggish for the last 11 months, said an industry executive

UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey said that the allocated money is based on the authority's requirements and is enough to fund its operations in the next fiscal.
Arun Jaitley missed presenting the sixth and final budget of the Narendra Modi government's present term as he had to fly to the US due to ill health.
Though many people are calling an election Budget, the Finance Minister believes it takes care of every sector of the economy.
At the end of December 2017, the deficit was 113.6 per cent of the Budget Estimate (BE).
Arun Jaitley slams Congress President Rahul Gandhi for ridiculing the scheme announced in the Interim Budget for 2019-20 by equating it to Rs 17 a day dole.

"With this budget, growth is likely to improve further and meeting 7.5 per cent real GDP target," says Karun Rishi, president of USA-India Chamber of Commerce.

Nomura estimated these tax benefits to the middle income class leading to a benefit of Rs 18,500 crore i.e. 0.1 per cent of GDP.