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PM Narendra Modi at India Today Conclave: If work has to be done, it has to be in totality and not on tokenism, says Modi

PM Narendra Modi at India Today Conclave: PM Modi said that no country can now take India for granted. Today's India is fearless and decisive.

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | March 2, 2019 | Updated 22:30 IST
PM Narendra Modi at India Today Conclave: If work has to be done, it has to be in totality and not on tokenism, says Modi
PM Modi Live at India Today Conclave 2019, Delhi

India Today Conclave 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak on the Day 2 of the 18th India Today Conclave 2019 on Saturday. He is expected to speak on the theme 'My India Story: What leading a great country taught me'. Apart from PM Modi, several other dignitaries, including former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Congress leader Kapil Sibal, BCCI Chief and former CAG Vinod Rai, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav, author Amitav Ghosh, among others, will also share ideas on the 2019 India Today Conclave theme 'Hard Choice'. India Today is organising the Eighteen Edition of India Today Conclave at Durbar Ballroom, Taj Palace, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi.

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9:00pm: Speaking at the India Today Conclave, Prime Minister Modi said you say you are sabse tez, so we are. If you see from 1991, we have increased GDP growth fastest in the last 5 years, PM Modi said. "The rate of GDP growth was fastest under the NDA government."

PM Modi said 18,000 villages have been electrified after 70 long years.

He asked why there is no National War Memorial till now.

9:00pm: If work has to be done, it has to be in totality, not with tokenism, says PM Modi.


8:55pm: They had a 'token approach', we have a 'total approach', says Narendra Modi.

8:52pm: We have bought 2.30 lakh bullet proof jackets in our tenure, says PM Modi.

8:50pm: Speaking on Rafele deal, PM Modi said if a deal could not happen,defence moder-nisation could not happen.

8:45pm: Commenting on the Pulwama attacks, PM Modi said every drop of soldier's blood is precious and no nation can dare threaten India. "Terrorists are scared of India's strength. When fugitives are also scared the fear is good. When big leaders are scared of going to jail, fear is good. When corrupt are scared, fear is good," the PM said.

8:42pm: Narendra Modi said today's environment is such that fear among anti-India elements is good.

8:40pm: PM Modi said that no country can now take India for granted. Our life of every soldier was important. For us, blood of every soldier is precious. Now no one will dare raise their eyes against India. India is following new strategies. World is understanding India. Today's India is fearless and decisive, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the India Today Conclave.

8:35pm: PM Narendra Modi said he felt like an outsider after 2014 when he came to Delhi. PM Modi said, "After 2014, when I came to Delhi, it took me time to figure out how things work here."

8:30pm: Speaking at the Conclave, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the India Today Group for participating in the Swachh Bharat Mission.

8:25pm: India Today Group Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie congratulates Prime Minister Modi for getting back IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman from Pakistan.

8:22pm: India Today Group Vice-Chairperson Kalli Purie welcomed PM Modi and said history is always an uninvited and special guest at India Today Conclave.

8:15pm: PM Modi is expected to speak on the theme 'My India Story: What leading a great country taught me'.

8:00pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives at India Today Conclave.

7:14pm: Speaking on making evidence of Balakot public, Arun Jaitley said, "It's a very irresponsilble stand. Armed forces must have a full leeway in dealing with situations, If any person wants this evidence then they don't understand how the system works because this information is not for security agencies to divulge."

7:10pm: Replying to a question on the promise of jobs that the BJP had made, Arun Jitley said it was a fake campaign and the issue that topped fake campaigns was the Rafale.

7:08pm: Some of the "Nawabs of Negativity" manufactured another Balakot in PoK... we have a fair share of them, says Jaitley while talking about Indo-Pak tension.

7:05pm: Have no hesitation in saying Kashmir experiment didn't work, says Jaitley.

7:00pm: India has consistently had one policy that is that talks and terror can't go together: says FM while talking about Indo-Pak tension.

6:55pm: India's position on terrorism will remain unchanged, says Finance Minister.

6:50pm: He said it would be too naive for India to believe that an alternate discourse with Pakistan is possible.

6.45pm: Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi admitted terror exists in his country, says Arun Jaitley.

6:10pm: Speaking at the India Today Conclave, S Gurumurthy, a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) board member, said if demonetisation was not done, economy would have collapsed.

3:40pm: Speaking at the India Today Conclave, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said that his party's alliance with arch rival BSP was not purely conceived with an anti-Modi sentiment. He also clarified that the BSP-SP alliance was created not just out of a fear for PM Modi.

Commenting on Mulayam Singh offering support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Akhilesh Yadav said Netaji gave his blessings to Manmohan Singh also but he did not become the PM again.

3:00pm: J&K worst sufferers of hostilities between India and Pakistan, says Former IAS officer

Speaking at the India Today Conclave, former bureaucrat Shah Faesal has said last fortnight has been a nightmare for us with panic in Kashmir. People of Jammu and Kashmir are worst sufferers of hostilities between India and Pakistan.

2:40pm: 'Mowing the grass' method must be used to deal with terrorism: Former NSA advisor Shivshankar Menon

Former foreign secretary Shivshankar Menon said that India need to use 'Mowing the grass' method to deal with terrorism. By this he meant snipping terror in the bud before it became a full blown problem.

2:15pm: No indications of de-escalation of tensions at border: There are no indications of any form of de-escalation of tensions at border, says former Air chief Fali Homi. He said the onus for de-escalation lay on Pakistan.

2:10pm: Need a long-term approach to deal with Pakistan. Lt General Deepender Singh Hooda, who headed the 2016 surgical strikes, said he doesn't see how celebrating a single strike will affect Pakistan.

"We need to deter Pakistan from carrying out cross-border strikes in India."

2:05pm: If provoked, India has lucrative target to use: Former Air chief. "What happens next depends on a lot of other things. I feel if provoked,we have a lucrative target to use. We don't want to hit military or civilian targets," said Air Chief Marshal (retired) Fali Homi at the India Today Conclave.

2:00pm: Have learnt to be fearless, says Sonali Bendre on her battle with cancer. Speaking at the India Today Conclave on her battle with cancer, she said during her journey to defeat cancer, she has become fearless. "Every time I am fearful, I go on and do that thing. I have learnt to be fearless. We all learn to be fearless."

1:40pm: Becoming one with your creation a great feeling, says Prasoon Joshi at India Today Conclave 2019. 

1:20pm: Lok Sabha elections at per schedule: Ram Madhav said that the Lok Sabha elections should take place as per schedule. When asked about poll schedule in Jammu and Kashmir, Madhav said the answer is only with the Election Commission.

1.09pm: BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav during India Today Conclave 2019: "Jammu is leading a better life. The party has registered progress on the terrorism, development fronts in the state." Watch full video.

12.00pm: Sanjeev Sanyal on autonomy of the RBI: "The Central bank has been given unprecedented institutional powers under this government...for example one of the mandates of the central government is to control inflation. It is this government that created a framework under the monetary policy with clear targets of 4 per cent inflation with a band of 2 to 6 per cent, and it has been hugely successful experiment...inflation has not only come down by 5-6 basis point -- as we speak, inflation is at 2 per cent and the problem is now that may be too low. Similarly, we had problem with unregulated banking going on for several years. It is this government that reigned that in, forced them under government (under this governor that you just mentioned with full backing of the government) to recognise the NPAs. A new law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was put in place to allow the cleaning up of the banks, which has put an end to the cronyism."

11.48am: Sanjeev Sanyal says powerful institutions like the RBI and the judiciary should also be held accountable. Live stream here.

11.38am: Principal economic advisor to the Finance Ministry Sanjeev Sanyal says this government has given far more autonomy to governors that any of the previous governors.

11.19am: Jagan Mohan Reddy on 2019 Lok Sabha elections: "Our interest is clear. We are not against Rahul Gandhi or any other leader, but we have lost trust. We now want to keep our options open."

11.10am: Jagan Mohan Reddy says his party will support anyone who will give special status on Andhra Pradesh. "We are sick and tired of trusting people. They promise but not deliver. We are keeping our options open."

11.03am: YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy says his padyatra transformed him to understand the people's problems, and that it has given people some sort of hope.

10.47am: After the Brexit, the UK aims to be more "more open, outward-looking" with India, says Boris Johnson.

10.45am: Boris Johnson, during India Today Conclave 2019, says Pakistan Prime Minister Imran did the sensible thing by releasing the Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman at a time of rising tensions between India and Pakistan.

10.41am: Boris opines that both India and Pakistan should work more closely together. He says Prime Minister Narendra Modi was right when he asked his Pakistan counterpart to work together to eradicate the poverty and illiteracy from the two nations.

10.36am:Boris Johnson says the hybrid culture inboth India and the UK brings the two countries together. He said popular RoyalEnfield motorbikes, which initially started off in the UK, are now so popularthat he also enjoyed a bike ride to the Khan Market in South Delhi on it. Borissaid from food, music to language and culture -- India and the UK share similarvalues.

10.28am: Boris Johnson on Brexit: Brexit has affected countries, including Greece, where over a third of population lives in poverty.

10.19am: Boris Johnson says both the countries are united by their joint belief in "common values of freedom, tolerance, law, and democracy". Live stream here.

10.18am: Boris says core values of both India and the UK are superior to those ofterrorists and those who are harbouring them. This is why, he says, it is important that both the countries succeed in defeating terror.

10.09am: UK parliamentarian and former UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson says the UK stands with India in rage over the Pulwama attack.

9.51am: UK politician and historian Boris Johnson will speak at the 18th India Today Conclave in just a while from now. He will speak on the theme 'The Devil & the Deep: Bitter cocktails from Brexit'.

9.34am: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor today said the Hinduism and Hindutva were different from each other and they needed to be understood in their essential elements. Read more here.

9.32am: On the Day 1 of the India Today Conclave 2019, Union minister Nitin Gadkari said Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be the prime minister after the elections and that he was party worker and his duty is to the nation. Read more here.

9.30am: On the Day 1 of the India Today Conclave 2019, BJP chief Amit Shah said India could not trust Imran Khan's soft diplomacy at a time when he did not even condemn the perpetrators of the suicide attack on CRPF convoy, which left over 40 jawans dead. Read more here.

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