Top brands in India

Top brands in India

Top brands in India
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According to Brand Desire, a global brand study launched by Clear, part of the M&C Saatchi Group, Indian consumers have a strong desire for brands that embody success and achievement and have a particular liking for luxury, technology and media brands. We take a look at top 10 desirable brands in India:
Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.
Top brands in India
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A set of brands that have topped its category are those that have been around for decades and have been ingrained in the consumers' psyche.

Ranked second in the top brands list in India, it is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company.
Top brands in India
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The survey says these top brands speak a language of achievement, success and pride.


The search engine ranks third in the list of top leading brands.
Top brands in India
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The study featured interviews with over 22,000 people, covering 555 brands, and covering 6 global markets, of which included 5,000 consumers in China and India.

Apple products like iPod, iTunes, Mac laptop, desktop computers, the OS X operating system, iPhone and iPad are favourite among Indians.
Top brands in India
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Adidas sportswear is quite popular among Indians. Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, watches and eyewear. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world.
Top brands in India
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Auto major Mercedes-Benz is a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG, and the brand is used for automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks.
Top brands in India
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By 2015, Audi hopes to become the number one luxury car brand in the world as well as in India.
Top brands in India
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Playing up on its popularity among kids, the company is expanding its base in India through its merchandise.
Top brands in India
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Sony offers a variety of consumer electronic gadgets and IT products that fit comfortable into the lives of Indians.
Top brands in India
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IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation that manufactures and sells computer hardware and software. It is among the the most favoured brand among the IT job seekers.