Netmagic fulfills IT infrastructure requirements

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Network Operations Center (NOC)

The seat of data center operations, a network operations center powers managed services, monitoring tools and Trouble Ticketing tools running on different media Netmagic has a dedicated team available 24x7 to manage customers' hosting needs and challenges. They proactively keep an eye on customers' hosted assets and ensure smooth functioning through an integrated service management platform
Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Secured Reception at Entrance

The entrance to the facility is guarded with the latest in physical and electronic security. Visitors have to go through multiple check points. Every entry point requires both access card and bio authentication.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Building Management System (BMS)

Netmagic has a state of-the-art automated Building Management System (BMS), which runs 24x7x365, integrating all building equipment and enabling centralized monitoring of critical parameters such as current, phase, frequency, voltage, temperature, humidity and fire systems, among many others. Proactive monitoring and management of data center equipment helps avoid unpleasant surprises for businesses hosted at the data center.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Electrical Room - The Datacenter Powerhouse

Power is one of the lifelines of a data center. The Bangalore data center is designed with multiple levels of power backups, bringing the necessary redundancy to ensure business continues as usual in case of a power cut, or an outage.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Server Hall

The heart of the data center, this is one of the most sophisticated and secured sections, similar to the vault inside a bank. The temperature and humidity in the enclosed hall is monitored constantly. The room consists of several rows of server racks, each containing the most valuable currency for organizations - data.

Netmagic's Bangalore data center offers not only individual racks, but also highly secure cages and enclosed server rooms to meet the requirements of large global enterprises. Businesses can also benefit from the fact that Netmagic offers carrier-neutral options for internet bandwidth, meaning the power of choice lies with them.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Chiller Platform

Servers running in full capacity can emit a lot of heat and it is vital to keep them at optimal temperature. Located on the roof of the data center, the intricate system of pipes and valves that constitute the chiller platform is the source of chilled air for the server halls on the floors below, in the most environment friendly manner possible.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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Material handling

The highly secure material handling area at Bangalore data center is where the loading /unloading and bar coding of physical materials take place. It has a huge cargo lift of 3 tonne capacity which can take any IT rack without tilting.

Netmagic  fulfills IT infrastructure requirements
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CCTV Surveillance room

Security is a business priority for the data center industry. This state-of-the art security room keeps a watchful eye through the hi-tech surveillance system covering every inch of the datacenter, to ensure any security breach is captured and attended to on an immediate basis.