Top 10 bizarre Indian foods

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Eri polu in Assam

Don't even try guessing this one. The delicacy from Assam ismade of silkworm pupas after it has spun its cocoon. And it's served with 'khorisa'a dish made from bamboo shoots.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Frogs legs in Sikkim and Goa

You'd think frog legs were only a delicacy of the French,but here in India the Lepchas community in Sikkim swear by this exotic dish.

It possesses medicinal quality to cure most stomach ailments.

Goa also serves a variation of frog legs during the monsoon when it isseason for harvesting bullfrogs. It is famously known as the 'jumping chicken'.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Red ant chutney in Chattisgarh

You read that right. Red ant chutney is a famous delicacyfrom Batsar in Chhattisgarh.

This dish is made of red ants, eggs and spices served as a red hot dip.

These ants contain formic acid which is said to render medicinal qualities.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets in Nagaland

The next time you visit Nagaland, you'll find that this dish - a curry featuring snails and hornets - being sold in different variations on the streets.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Black burgers in Delhi

Delhi's own Khan Market restaurant, Barcelos, boasts ofIndia's first black burger. Not only that, it even features coloured tacos!

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Bhunni in Uttrakhand

A stew of goat liver, stomach, intestine and blood, these items are curried and spiced to make the famous Bhunni dish that hails from Garhwal.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Doh Khileh in Meghalaya

Doh Khileh is a mix of pork and onion salad. What makes it bizarre?It's just the garnish for steamed pig brain.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Phan Pyut from Eastern India

The dish is made of rotten potatoes after they are allowed to rot in soil. They are then they are dug out and cooked with spices.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Sorpotel in Goa

Another Goan dish, this is made with pork offal or 'Refuse or waste material' of the animal.

Top 10 bizarre Indian foods
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Black rice in Manipur

Black rice is also known as magic rice and is considered to have many health properties.